Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Escapees, but now what?

Marcus and Paul had escaped!  The month trapped inside that fortress had been hell!  The tapes and torture they had been forced through, and all the needles!  They had told each other they had to get away!  But now they were out, and somehow they felt different!  The further they ran, the more control they lost, the hornier they felt!

With each step, their hips swayed with such a rhythmic gait.  Finally, Marcus blurted out, "Oh Paul, I have to go back!  I can't take this anymore!  Please go back with me!  I need you!  I can't make it back there without you!"

Paul felt the same!  The swaying of his hips, caused his programmed mind to revert back to his month of training!  "Oh, I feel it too my love!  I give up!  It is our destinies!  I'll return as your Paulina, and you as my sweet Marquesa!"

"But we'd better return quickly before anybody we once knew before sees us!  They would surely be after our tushies as we are now!"

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