Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Transforming Candies

The three men snuck back into Evan's house, thinking they could sneak a peak at his sister's slumber party.  Finding  a box of candies labeled "Evan, Keep Out!". 

"Oh these are my sister's!  She must be saving them for her party!  Won't she be surprised to find them gone?"  And with a wicked look, Evan dove in, soon followed by his two friends.  The myriad of flavors were so addicting, it was too late when they noticed changes coming over them!  Evan's sister had left the trap, and now her and her friends had new playmates for their party.  And she knew just what to do with them!

"John, look at you!  You are looking so hot!  Wh-wh-what's happening?  And you Tony, you-oh my god!  I feel sooo horney!  I need more of these!"

The three were unable to resist, devouring one after another!  Their bodies changing, while their libido's went onto overload!  The three of them began to tear at each other's clothes, groveling each other hungrily until.......

"Aha!  I caught you little horny bitches!  Eating my candies are you?" 

The three turned to Evan's sister, "ummm, sis, umm, what are these?  They are so good, we can't stop eating them!"

"Well my horney little brother, or should I say 'slut-slave', I think you are going to pay for what you've done!  Just look at you, you little slut!  On your knees, we've got a little surprise for you three!"

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