Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Steven (Stephanie) now turning tricks!

Since the transformation, Steve has long lost his identity and memory of his life as a tense and egocentric corporate exec. Nowadays he brings money to his wife, who now pimps him (her) out as an expensive high-class whore.  Proceeds pay for her expensive lifestyle, and all the clothes she and Steve (now Stephanie) enjoy shopping for together.  

And Stephanie is quite happy to comply with all her wife's wishes.  No friction in this household any longer!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pass the Holidays, time for the New Year!

Well the Holidays have been so much fun, but now that the presents have been opened, and the Christmas parties are done with, it's time to peruse all the sexy clothes I bought, and decide what to wear for the ultimate party:  New Years!  Oh, the Chrisatmas parties were all so fun.  I mean, there was that one in which I had a little too much, but not too much to know what I was doing, (although I do admit 'acting' a bit more tipsy than I was to get some handsome men to buy me drinks.)

But, oh the parties were so much fun!  Escaping away to his room, and exploring all sorts of places in the hotel where the Xmas party was held.  I found some delectable treats in a few rooms this holiday season! 

Sometimes, those men were so tired, they didn't want me to leave.  But eventually, a respectable girl needs to take a shower and collect her things, but not until a last minute 'kiss good-bye'!  Oh, those were sizzling nights!

Then that one party we never even made.  He was such a gentleman, he opened the door for me, but we never seemed to make it out of the car, (or at least for some time!) 

Our passion just overwhelmed us, and we went straight to the room.  I hope he didn't get into too much trouble at work on account of me.  He told me it was all worth the trouble.  :giggles:  Oh my tushy was so happy!

My little tushy can't help but be a little naughty this time of year!  I get to wear so many nice outfits!  They are perfect for hiding all the little naughty things you can wear underneath, which aren't shown until the right moment!  Then he just loses all control and the two of you are an unbridled fire of passion the remainder of the night! I just loved all the attention I was getting!

But what should I wear for New Years?  I mean, I have so many new clothes I can wear!  There is so much to choose from, but the choices are getting me so excited!  What's a girl to do?  Hmm, for now, I can just imagine some of them.  But I admit, sometimes I can be such a harlot, and taking my clothes off is so much more fun when I have an eager supplicant helping me do so, don't you agree. :giggles:

I know, I am such a tease, but I can't help it!  Whenever I am around guys who seem to have an interest in me, my tushy starts to sway even more, and I enjoy flirting with them, giving them the eye, and seeing them stumble over themselves to help me anyway they can.  A girl has to show these men her appreciation doesn't she?  I begin to imagine them getting excited, and their big, hard cocks are bursting, trying to get out.  A girl ought to help the poor boy out a little.  Especially when he tastes sooo yummy!

Oh I'm getting excited now imagining it!  Oh, here I go again!  If I'm not careful, I may have to get out my 'special toy' again.  He is getting so much activity this year!  :giggles:

Mmmmm, I am getting horny again, so I guess it's time for this girl to go.  

Talk to you later sweeties!  

Ciao, ciao!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In the Christmas Spirit

Hmm, sometimes a girl has time to sit and let her imagination run wild.  And given the time of year, this gurl is feeling very naughty!  I hope I get some 'good toys'!
Of course, I'm not really a naughty gurl, just a vivid imagination.  And well, when my life is all happy, I do tend to allow my imagination to run wild.  Just how wild?  Well, come on over and maybe we can explore that little secret together!  You never know what plans I may have for any holiday visitors!  :giggles:
For now, I just relish Christmas morning, and all those presents under the tree.  Maybe I can wait up and surprise Santa when he visits me, and make him put on a naughty outfit, and deliver a special present for me wearing something naughty!  Oooh, soo ymmy!  

OK OK, I'll stop being so naughty!  I'm getting so worked up right now, my tushy is having problems sitting still in my chair!  I keep having to uncross then recross my legs.  And then I hear my heels clicking on the floor each time I do, making me think of the skimpy outfit I have on now, and that makes my little body get even more aroused.  I should probably stop all this naughty thinking now, shouldn't I?   

Oh no way!  Why would I want to stop getting all squirmy?  I like being horny, and to be quite honest, I can't remember not ever regretting it.  So I am just going to sit here and continue if you don't mind!  :giggles:  Now where was I?  Oh yes, my little escapade with Santa!  I know, I'll wait for him to show, then put on a skimpy little outfit he's sure to appreciate, and ask him to help me with my little mistletoe!

And when the big guy agrees, I'll tell him I am just a sweet gurl, but would love to do anything to help him on his way.  "Is there anything 'lil ole me' can do for you to put a smile on your face Santa baby?" 

Then I just hope I could lure him into accepting, and maybe spending some little time with me.
 I just hope I have the talents to give him something he would truly appreciate! 

Well, maybe I ought to think about what I should wear for his arrival!  Something yummy, seductive, yet letting him know I am still a 'good gurl' at heart!  :giggles:  

Hmm, it must include stockings and heels, or Santa will know something is up, since I am always wearing them anyway.  And we all know his 'Crystal Snowball' sees everything! 

But I am just so torn, as to what to wear!  Oh well, maybe just stockings and heels!  The poor guy needn't have much else!  I wouldn't want his trip to be cut short on account of lil ole me!  :giggles:

I'll just wait up for him and give him a great big kisser and hug!  Afterall, nobody else deserves it more, right?  

Well, I've got to go finish up all my last-minute Holiday Shopping!  And to finish off, I need a really naughty set of undergarments for the Holiday Party I got invited to!  He wanted some arm-candy, and I was more than happy to oblige the little cutey.  I told him if he's a good boy, I'd let him rub 'the lucky tushy', for the holidays to see what special gift he may get!  :giggles:  I just love having my little tushy rubbed!  Get's me feeling all warm inside!

Well ciao ciao for now!  :kisses:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kevin & Mike, Found! Turned into Kimberly & Mischel

It had been months since Kevin had been caught by his wife fooling around.  At the time his best friend Mike was the 'watch'.  But when unknown to Kevin, Mike was found out and taken away.   Kevin's rouse now discovered, he soon found a whole new meaning to being laid bare.Nowadays Kevin (now Kimberly) is chef her his wife's estate.  After sending her husband away for 9 months of 'alterations', she remarried to a millionaire.  Mike (now Mischel) is the 'serving girl'.  

After each dinner, they tend to the needs of their Master and Mistress.
And when they aren't, they are bound to each other, unable to withstand the desire for unbridled carnal rapture, that had been programmed into each. 

Red Riding Hood, the Domme

Oh Wolfy! I've got some yummy treats for you in my basket.  Come right this way, and I'll give you all you can handle!

The Sacred Pool

Arising from the sacred pool, Mark felt an ethereal bliss come over him.  After meeting a sexy siren at a local at the bar, he willingly followed her home.  Still drunk, she talked him into jumping into the pool with his clothes on.  
But now as he arises from the pool, he feels changed. With no idea why his mind seems so foggy, he follows her beckoning.  About to enter a world he had never imagined, but will soon grow to love.

12 More Days Until Christmas

Yes I know!  I am acting like a little kid.  But somehow this year, I feel so giddy!  There are so many things I want to get.  And this is the best shopping season of the year!  So while I'm shopping for friends & family, I can't help but find a few extra items for lil ole me!  :giggles:

I mean, a gurl has got to pamper herself once in awhile right?  I am such a sweet gurl, and only am happy when I can help others, and of course am around nice, soft & sexy things.  But to be quite honest, if I don't get what I want, somebody is going to grab Santa and take what I need!  :giggles:

Oh, I just am getting so excited!  My tushy is just swaying in anticipation!  All those stockings I can wear to all those parties.  It seems I am making so many friends, I have been getting invites to 'tag along' to a number of Christmas parties!  So a gurl has to have outfits for each!  :giggles:  This time of year is so yummy!

I even went and got special sheets for the season!  Don't you just love the feel of satin?  Waking up feeling so soft and feminine!  I love my life as a gurl!

Anyway, I am going to a Christmas party tonight with an old friend of mine.  He tells me he wants to have 'sexy arm candy' for the event.  He works at a big company, and feels like just a number among the crowd.  I can't help thinking about it.  What should I wear?   The more I think about it, the more aroused I become, and never really seem to get beyond my 'naughties' underneath!  I'm such a wanton slut!  But just imagine, all those people looking at my friend, and wondering where he found me.  And I'll just be sashaying along, my hand in the crook of his arm.  My 6" heels clicking along.  I just need to control myself and not drink too much!  Who knows what could happen if I get drunk!  I wouldn't want to become too loose!  :giggles:

My problem is, every time I get dressed in the morning, I get so wrapped in the feeling of nylon, and looking at myself in the mirror while wearing it, it takes me too long to get ready!  I mean, it feel so sexy, doesn't it?  And I get so aroused with the lace against my clean and bare skin, I start wanting to crawl back into my satin sheets and just enjoy all the softness!

Well, I'd better be going now, and start getting ready, or this gurl will never make it to my friends party in time!

Ciao, ciao!  :kisses:  

Waitress for Wife & her Friends (continued, Part 2)

Returning to the room, I bend over and hand Roxanne her drink, having my tushy groped by my wife while doing it.  I had to be careful not to jump, as a spilled drink upon a guest would have caused my tush to receive more than just a slap.  And that wasn't what I wanted tonight.

I could hear my wife laughing out loud.  "Well girls!  Now that we are all here, Stephanie, it is time for the night's entertainment.  Why don't you begin a little strip-tease for the girls?"  My face turned ashen.  A strip-tease?  How humiliating!  I may look like a gurl now on the outside, but there are still plenty of internal emotions lingering from my 'macho days of old'.  I paused for a moment, looking at my wife, pleading with her with my eyes.  "Stephanie dear, you don't want to question me do you?  My friends aren't going to hurt you!  Or at least, any physical pain you won't enjoy!"  I stood motionless still.  My heart skipped and my lungs seemed to stop breathing for a moment.  I took a deep breath, bit my lip, with my free hand placed my tray on the bar, with my other hand still holding my top up.  I returned and slowly began my dance.  Suddenly, stripper music began in the background, as I could hear Roxanne chuckling from the direction of the stereo.

Slowly, my hips swayed to the music.  I found myself feeling more at ease, enjoying the attention even.  My audience screamed in approval.  My tongue slowly slid along my upper lip as I seductively tried to tease them all.  I could see my wife smiling broadly in approval.  

Soon I was down to my collar, cuffs, stockings & panties.  Showing them my bare tush, I slowly rocked it back and forth.  A see a waded dollar bill tossed my way.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Roxanne licking her lips, uncrossing her long legs, then recrossing them again.  Her earlier comments emblazoned on my mind, taunting me, wondering what they meant.

I continued my dance, slowly, erotically, becoming caught up in the moment.  Like a wanton slut I was enjoying it all!  Submitting to the torment, yet begging for more!    The more I continued, the more these girls I once knew merely as my wife's friends, are all now crazy, screaming, and out of control girls.  Egging me on as I danced before them like a burlesque hussy.  Yet somehow, I began to feel a comforting calm over me, as if this was such a turn-on!  I am becoming more and more excited!  

Continuing on, I turn away, seductively glancing over my shoulder, holding my tush and slowly swaying my hips back and forth as a tease.  I feel a hard slap on my tush, then a soft rubbing.  It was Roxanne!  Her finger sliding along the string of my panties, she slides a pair of dollar bills there, then gropes my right cheek, then slapping it again, then laughs loudly, returning to her seat.

But instead of fear, I feel all this attention encouraging!  I slowly slide my panties from my hips, continuing this humiliating show. 
There seems to be no end to my fall.  As I continued, the more arousal I felt, and the louder the chorus of approval from  'the girls'!  My wife was beaming.  I could see her arousal, and somehow, this urged me forward.  What is wrong with me?  Have I become such a slut for her approval?  

I continued on.  Falling to my knees, I now crawled before them, seductively gyrating my hips.  Rolling to my side, then to my back, my legs stretching out before them as the tease continued.  One leg stretched out towards my wife, toes pointed, I looked seductively at her, as if I was daring her to to 'want me'!  Silly me!  This proved to be my introduction to a realm I didn't know I was entering, yet one I am now drunk and intoxicated by.  My life as my wife's sex-slave/slut was only beginning.