Monday, December 13, 2010

Waitress for Wife & her Friends (continued, Part 2)

Returning to the room, I bend over and hand Roxanne her drink, having my tushy groped by my wife while doing it.  I had to be careful not to jump, as a spilled drink upon a guest would have caused my tush to receive more than just a slap.  And that wasn't what I wanted tonight.

I could hear my wife laughing out loud.  "Well girls!  Now that we are all here, Stephanie, it is time for the night's entertainment.  Why don't you begin a little strip-tease for the girls?"  My face turned ashen.  A strip-tease?  How humiliating!  I may look like a gurl now on the outside, but there are still plenty of internal emotions lingering from my 'macho days of old'.  I paused for a moment, looking at my wife, pleading with her with my eyes.  "Stephanie dear, you don't want to question me do you?  My friends aren't going to hurt you!  Or at least, any physical pain you won't enjoy!"  I stood motionless still.  My heart skipped and my lungs seemed to stop breathing for a moment.  I took a deep breath, bit my lip, with my free hand placed my tray on the bar, with my other hand still holding my top up.  I returned and slowly began my dance.  Suddenly, stripper music began in the background, as I could hear Roxanne chuckling from the direction of the stereo.

Slowly, my hips swayed to the music.  I found myself feeling more at ease, enjoying the attention even.  My audience screamed in approval.  My tongue slowly slid along my upper lip as I seductively tried to tease them all.  I could see my wife smiling broadly in approval.  

Soon I was down to my collar, cuffs, stockings & panties.  Showing them my bare tush, I slowly rocked it back and forth.  A see a waded dollar bill tossed my way.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Roxanne licking her lips, uncrossing her long legs, then recrossing them again.  Her earlier comments emblazoned on my mind, taunting me, wondering what they meant.

I continued my dance, slowly, erotically, becoming caught up in the moment.  Like a wanton slut I was enjoying it all!  Submitting to the torment, yet begging for more!    The more I continued, the more these girls I once knew merely as my wife's friends, are all now crazy, screaming, and out of control girls.  Egging me on as I danced before them like a burlesque hussy.  Yet somehow, I began to feel a comforting calm over me, as if this was such a turn-on!  I am becoming more and more excited!  

Continuing on, I turn away, seductively glancing over my shoulder, holding my tush and slowly swaying my hips back and forth as a tease.  I feel a hard slap on my tush, then a soft rubbing.  It was Roxanne!  Her finger sliding along the string of my panties, she slides a pair of dollar bills there, then gropes my right cheek, then slapping it again, then laughs loudly, returning to her seat.

But instead of fear, I feel all this attention encouraging!  I slowly slide my panties from my hips, continuing this humiliating show. 
There seems to be no end to my fall.  As I continued, the more arousal I felt, and the louder the chorus of approval from  'the girls'!  My wife was beaming.  I could see her arousal, and somehow, this urged me forward.  What is wrong with me?  Have I become such a slut for her approval?  

I continued on.  Falling to my knees, I now crawled before them, seductively gyrating my hips.  Rolling to my side, then to my back, my legs stretching out before them as the tease continued.  One leg stretched out towards my wife, toes pointed, I looked seductively at her, as if I was daring her to to 'want me'!  Silly me!  This proved to be my introduction to a realm I didn't know I was entering, yet one I am now drunk and intoxicated by.  My life as my wife's sex-slave/slut was only beginning.

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