Monday, December 6, 2010

Waitress for Wife & her Friends

It had been a long 6 months of treatments, breast implants, and now my wife has me cocktail waitressing for her 'Desperate Housewives' party! I feel like a 'piece of meat' in this outfit.  But I knew long ago it was my destiny.  I must admit I am a bit apprehensive to see their reactions.  She told me they are all giddy looking forward to it...except 'her'!  My wife has that one friend, Roxanne, who always has that evil gleam in her eyes, I've always mistrusted.  My wife says she has a 'special present' for me.  And after conferring with my wife, now she is looking forward to it too!
I can't believe my life over the past 6 months!  All the changes I've gone through.  Quitting my job, allowing my wife to have the implants inserted, electrolysis, but it does seem to all be worth it.  I mean, my wife has been so loving with me whenever I am good and perform all my duties.  And prancing around the house in my 'naughties all day, has been such a turn on!

My wife promises to take me out on a 'night on the town'!  She even promised we could go out together in a limo when we do it, but she hasn't told me exactly how it will be paid for.  For that matter, I don't know how the bills are being paid now either.  Since I left my job, my wife seems to be spending more time 'away from the house' than I ever remembered.  She only tells me she has a wealthy benefactor, who will be at the party tonight.

"Oh, the guests are arriving!"  I dutifully 'click my way' to the door, answering each, and taking their coats.  I smile sheepishly as each enter with wide grins, giggling behind me as I lead them in.  "Would any of you care for a drink?" I ask, smiling to a round of giggles.  I'm startled as one slaps my tush.  I turn to see my wife smiling.  She pulls my straps off my shoulders, exposing more cleavage than I had thought (or hoped) I'd have to expose tonight.

"Hello girls!  I believe each of you have met Stephanie, or as you used to know him as...'Stephen'.  Don't be rude you little slut!  Curtsy to each of the ladies before you scurry off to make their drinks!"

I curtsy as I'm told, quite humiliated, but happy most of them have now arrived, so the initial shock can be over with.  I can hear them laughing loudly as I scurry off. I was having a heck of a time keeping 'my girls' covered.  But I knew I would be in trouble if I replaced my straps without my wife's permission.

Returning with their drinks, the doorbell rings again. Not even thinking about whom it may be, I scamper off, opening the door widely to see 'Roxanne'!  My face grows pale.

"Well you little slut!  I always knew you were a simpering gurl, I just didn't know how much.  I'm glad your wife finally listened to me and took my advice.  You are going to be lots of fun tonight princess!"  With that, she slapped my tush, but held her hand there, groping my tush, then pressing me back inside.  Before entering, she whispered into my ear softly, so only I could hear, "Don't worry my little whore, I've got plans for you in private tonight.  And your wife has already given her approval.  Your little ass belongs to me!  You can go and get me a martini while you're at it, sugar!"

Just then, somehow, I could feel myself grow so excited.  What was it about her that always intimidated me?  What could she have in mind?  What did my wife 'ok'?

I returned to the room with Roxanne's martini, and to a round of laughter and eager looks.  I could tell the night was just beginning!

----(to be continued)


  1. your wife has great taste because you look amazing in that outfit. beautiful :)

  2. Thank you sweety! I just can't help myself. The longer I submit to her every wish, the more comfortable I feel, and the happier I become. I really love this life now.

    Isn't it yummy?