Thursday, December 16, 2010

In the Christmas Spirit

Hmm, sometimes a girl has time to sit and let her imagination run wild.  And given the time of year, this gurl is feeling very naughty!  I hope I get some 'good toys'!
Of course, I'm not really a naughty gurl, just a vivid imagination.  And well, when my life is all happy, I do tend to allow my imagination to run wild.  Just how wild?  Well, come on over and maybe we can explore that little secret together!  You never know what plans I may have for any holiday visitors!  :giggles:
For now, I just relish Christmas morning, and all those presents under the tree.  Maybe I can wait up and surprise Santa when he visits me, and make him put on a naughty outfit, and deliver a special present for me wearing something naughty!  Oooh, soo ymmy!  

OK OK, I'll stop being so naughty!  I'm getting so worked up right now, my tushy is having problems sitting still in my chair!  I keep having to uncross then recross my legs.  And then I hear my heels clicking on the floor each time I do, making me think of the skimpy outfit I have on now, and that makes my little body get even more aroused.  I should probably stop all this naughty thinking now, shouldn't I?   

Oh no way!  Why would I want to stop getting all squirmy?  I like being horny, and to be quite honest, I can't remember not ever regretting it.  So I am just going to sit here and continue if you don't mind!  :giggles:  Now where was I?  Oh yes, my little escapade with Santa!  I know, I'll wait for him to show, then put on a skimpy little outfit he's sure to appreciate, and ask him to help me with my little mistletoe!

And when the big guy agrees, I'll tell him I am just a sweet gurl, but would love to do anything to help him on his way.  "Is there anything 'lil ole me' can do for you to put a smile on your face Santa baby?" 

Then I just hope I could lure him into accepting, and maybe spending some little time with me.
 I just hope I have the talents to give him something he would truly appreciate! 

Well, maybe I ought to think about what I should wear for his arrival!  Something yummy, seductive, yet letting him know I am still a 'good gurl' at heart!  :giggles:  

Hmm, it must include stockings and heels, or Santa will know something is up, since I am always wearing them anyway.  And we all know his 'Crystal Snowball' sees everything! 

But I am just so torn, as to what to wear!  Oh well, maybe just stockings and heels!  The poor guy needn't have much else!  I wouldn't want his trip to be cut short on account of lil ole me!  :giggles:

I'll just wait up for him and give him a great big kisser and hug!  Afterall, nobody else deserves it more, right?  

Well, I've got to go finish up all my last-minute Holiday Shopping!  And to finish off, I need a really naughty set of undergarments for the Holiday Party I got invited to!  He wanted some arm-candy, and I was more than happy to oblige the little cutey.  I told him if he's a good boy, I'd let him rub 'the lucky tushy', for the holidays to see what special gift he may get!  :giggles:  I just love having my little tushy rubbed!  Get's me feeling all warm inside!

Well ciao ciao for now!  :kisses:

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