Friday, December 24, 2010

Pass the Holidays, time for the New Year!

Well the Holidays have been so much fun, but now that the presents have been opened, and the Christmas parties are done with, it's time to peruse all the sexy clothes I bought, and decide what to wear for the ultimate party:  New Years!  Oh, the Chrisatmas parties were all so fun.  I mean, there was that one in which I had a little too much, but not too much to know what I was doing, (although I do admit 'acting' a bit more tipsy than I was to get some handsome men to buy me drinks.)

But, oh the parties were so much fun!  Escaping away to his room, and exploring all sorts of places in the hotel where the Xmas party was held.  I found some delectable treats in a few rooms this holiday season! 

Sometimes, those men were so tired, they didn't want me to leave.  But eventually, a respectable girl needs to take a shower and collect her things, but not until a last minute 'kiss good-bye'!  Oh, those were sizzling nights!

Then that one party we never even made.  He was such a gentleman, he opened the door for me, but we never seemed to make it out of the car, (or at least for some time!) 

Our passion just overwhelmed us, and we went straight to the room.  I hope he didn't get into too much trouble at work on account of me.  He told me it was all worth the trouble.  :giggles:  Oh my tushy was so happy!

My little tushy can't help but be a little naughty this time of year!  I get to wear so many nice outfits!  They are perfect for hiding all the little naughty things you can wear underneath, which aren't shown until the right moment!  Then he just loses all control and the two of you are an unbridled fire of passion the remainder of the night! I just loved all the attention I was getting!

But what should I wear for New Years?  I mean, I have so many new clothes I can wear!  There is so much to choose from, but the choices are getting me so excited!  What's a girl to do?  Hmm, for now, I can just imagine some of them.  But I admit, sometimes I can be such a harlot, and taking my clothes off is so much more fun when I have an eager supplicant helping me do so, don't you agree. :giggles:

I know, I am such a tease, but I can't help it!  Whenever I am around guys who seem to have an interest in me, my tushy starts to sway even more, and I enjoy flirting with them, giving them the eye, and seeing them stumble over themselves to help me anyway they can.  A girl has to show these men her appreciation doesn't she?  I begin to imagine them getting excited, and their big, hard cocks are bursting, trying to get out.  A girl ought to help the poor boy out a little.  Especially when he tastes sooo yummy!

Oh I'm getting excited now imagining it!  Oh, here I go again!  If I'm not careful, I may have to get out my 'special toy' again.  He is getting so much activity this year!  :giggles:

Mmmmm, I am getting horny again, so I guess it's time for this girl to go.  

Talk to you later sweeties!  

Ciao, ciao!

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