Monday, November 29, 2010

Caught, Changed, and All Identity Lost

Mark's torture was overwhelming.  Unable to withstand temptation, he gave in to his (her) desire.  His new body so slender, so soft, so arousing.  His new breasts became so sensitive each day.  At first he played with them, laughing to himself at the novelty of actually having breasts.  But as his treatment continued, each time he did, he became more addicted, and each arousal, more addicting.  Soon he was a slave to his arousal.  His treatments continued.  The nightly shots, creams smeared over his body, and tapes played repeated over and over overcame his ability to fight it.  Once he gave in, he was gone.  Mark had long ceased wondering what happened to his friend and partner, Brian.  Little did he know, Brian's torture was mirroring his own in the next room (cell).

One morning Mark (now Marcia) awoke in a strange room.  She didn't recognize where she was, only the arousal she feels from the luster of the satin sheets.  Oh how nice they feel on her skin!  Her body feels so alive! She felt her long slender legs, tingling.  She giggled to herself.  'Black stockings, my favorite! And I love this sexy design down the back!'  She stood up and began prancing around the room like the 'mindless gurl' she was, although somehow, she couldn't remember much of anything prior to awaking just that moment.  

Each moment seemed to drift from her mind, just as the prior.  All Marcia knew was that moment she was living!  Her ignorance is such bliss!  Not a care in the world, just a focus on the emotions she feels, and the intense arousal she was now feeling.  She laid back onto the bed, closed her eyes and began massaging her wet pussy! Oh how incredible this feels!  Her free hand lifts a breast to her lips, as her tongue runs over her hardening nipple.

Brian had awaken moments earlier in the adjoining room.  Not sure where he (she) was, and like his (her) friend, unable to remember anything prior to that one moment.  She had spent her first moments just as Marcia is now, exploring her body, and enjoying the ensuing orgasms.  But she couldn't stop!  Her frustration overloading her little brain.  'Briana' needed more, and began searching in frustration for something else to further satisfy her intense hunger for lust.

Then the lights went out, and Briana was grabbed by two burly guards, led a short way into another room, and pushed inside.  At first it was quiet.  She heard rustling across the room, where Marcia was recovering on her sheets from a series of intense orgasms.  But so addicted, Marcia needed more!  She had to have more.  Spying the new gurl in the room.  She stalked her.

Briana braced herself just quickly enough to catch Marcia's attack.  The two wanton harlots clawed each other in unbridled lust.  Each wanting each other more than anything they had either wanted before.  Neither realizing they were both once partners, in the same FBI unit.

Weeks later, none of this would be remembered.  Oh, their relationship would flourish, but each day, like every day after would be forgotten.  Learning to live together in the same room, sleep together in the same bed.  Their bodies wrapped around each other, unable to let go!  Never satisfied, and becoming more zealous in their lust with each orgasm they endured. 

Each day they would eat together from hers-&-hers silver bowls, each with their daily 'vitamins' further enhancing their sexual frustrations.

In time, others would enter the room, but these visitors were different.  They were big and strong, unlike the softness of Marcia & Briana.  And they always had that yummy candy stick attached below their abdomen.  Mmmm, how Marcia and Briana loved sucking on that big love-stick. So soft and tasty it felt as they each got a turn running their lips over it, (unless they were blessed and got two visitors at once). Each would do their best to suck and lick until it would eject that yummy goo, so incredible it tastes!  Everytime, it made each of them so happy to receive.  They'd always crave more, but be left with just enough to wet their appetites!

After the guests leave, with the girls shaking and wanting more, the two of them  attack each other. As if trying to collect the yummy-goo from off the other's  lips.  Then Marcia & Briana collapse to the floor, entwined as one, after endless orgasms, unable to move. Eventually, one would awaken  or another 'guest' would be dropped off into the room, having paid a handsome fee for his time with the two sluts, Marcia and Briana.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today is a day to give thanks!

I sit here, believing I am dressed for the day;  well, at least in theme for the day ahead.  But it is time to think back and consider what I am thankful for.  Yes, I am happy to be healthy.  And I do eat well, and work my tushy out at the gym to keep my figure tight, and tushy looking nice in all the skimpy clothes I love to prance around in.

As I read other people's blogs, the newspaper, and the like.  Everyone is thankful for family & togetherness.  And yes, that is important too.  But every day we have an opportunity to be whom we want to be.  And the more we explore, the better we feel, and more confident we are in our skin.  So I am thankful for the opportunity to be me!  

I am not one who likes to look back, and so the entire process of thanks for the past, kind of gets lost on my ears.  Call me just a shallow, sex-a-holic gurl!  :giggles:

But there are other things I am thankful for.  I am thankful for the myriad of different colors and styles of panties I can wear, regardless of what mood I am in. Although, I must admit I get so caught up in my stockings, heels, and garters, I often wear nothing else underneath!  I know, I know!  You are telling me, "Mischel you are such a wanton slut!"  Well, I won't deny it! And it takes one to know one, right? I am a slut!  And with the holidays upon us, and Xmas parties near, there is no better way to be!  

I look forward to parties, and secret trysts behind the elevator with cohorts too drunk from the eggnog or spiked punch to know otherwise.   Christmas parties can become so revealing!  You never know what 'hidden secrets' you can learn about people who sit next to you during the day, but have a hidden lifestyle once they leave the confines of the office!  Or how about the lives of their spouses?  :giggles:  I can't wait!  Which reminds me, anyone out there have any Holiday parties you want to invite me to?  We could sneak off together for our own little tryst, or just wink at each other from across the room, knowing each other's secret.  Then take notes and talk about them later on.  Or maybe, get somebody all tied up, and have our own little threesome!  Yummy!  Oh I can be so naughty around the holidays!

C'est l'amour!  Time to get back to Thanksgiving! My oven is hot, and it's time to baste my holiday turkey.  Oh I'm sorry! I shouldn't call him a turkey.  But he looks so tranquil and serene sleeping in my satin sheets.  A smile on his face after our late night activities.  I think I will slowly cook him with my lips and nibble on his stuffing as I go! Likely, both of us will be well-basted before the day is through.    :giggles:

Oh well, time to get back to cooking!  Ciao, ciao, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fascination with Belly Dancers, & their Music

Not sure what it is, but I have long felt Belly Dancers, and the vision of their fine silks, the slow sensual way they move their bodies to a sultry song is so erotic.  Somehow, much of the music seems to sound like slow sensual love making.  Like the Chamandy song I have linked to the side of this blog.

I can just imagine lounging on a bed of pillows, "Take a Chance" slowly playing in the background.  I hear a man approaching.  I get up and slowly walk towards him.  My gate slow, deliberate, yet so sensually feminine as I float towards him like a cool desert breeze.  My soft skin just noticeable under the thin linen hanging from my head, just delicately framing my form.  The silhoutte of my curves easily noticeable through the transparent material, he is transfixed by my motions as I slowly circle about him.  My hips swaying slowly more and more as the music becomes more pronounced.  Leaning into him, I allow him to inhale the subtle perfume I am wearing.  I take his hand, slowly leading him to the pillows of silk in the corner of the tent.  He lays back upon them as I slowly begin my dance of lust & seduction, intoxicating him with my feminine motion.

The veil falls from my face.  His eyes fixed upon mine as we stare into each other's briefly.  I can see his lips apart unconsciously as he watches my body move about him.  As the music slowly nears its end, I kneel in front of him, beginning to kiss him up the front of his torso, unleashing him from the binds of his clothes, and allowing his skin to fall into longing at the feel of my body against his.  He can no longer hold himself back.  He takes me in to the night, and one of unending passionate fervor.

Another night to relax & reflect

 Getting out of my suit and into a sexy nighty, I put on a pair of matching high heels, panties and prance about the house.  A glass of merlot in hand, I feel so relaxed and at one with myself.  As if this is the only time I can actually be 'myself'.  Staring into the mirror, I marvel at how I look. My hair hanging freely, caressing the back of my neck and back.  I love the feel of its softness on my bare skin.  Oh why can't I just come out and tell the world, "I am a girl!  Yes, a wanton gurl!  And a slutty one at that!" 

I have such a desire to get dolled up and go out for the night.  The thought of something sexy, and the chance to 'sway my tushy around others' just has such an intoxicating feel about it.  I just love sliding into a bar, nuzzle up against somebody and feel them try and 'cop a feel' of my tushy as I bump them on my way by, then give them a glance and a wink over my shoulder.  Oooh, I can be so naughty!

Pausing, I bite my lip then grin.  I can feel my body begin to get aroused with all these sexy feelings hurling themselves into the imagination.  Leaning back onto the sofa, my body gives in to desire.  I want it, and have been thinking about 'it' all day.  Closing my eyes, I imagine myself, and a lover together.  I offer myself to him, as my legs spread, longing for him to take me where we both long to go, and only dreams can ever feel.  Oh how I long for this to be real!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dominance & Submission

Ultimately an examination of the extreme motions pent up inside.  For some of us, they begin while young, while for others these desires evolve over time.  Either way, they often become the best way to find ourselves, and discover whom we really are.
Oh Bad Girl!  And which side of this do you wish to be on?  Perhaps a try at both?  Either can be so delicious, but for the experience to be enjoyed, 'trust' is paramount, or boundaries shall never truly be crossed, and the experience can never really become fulfilling.
There is that desire to give up control, at least to some degree in all of us.  But how much, and to whom do we desire to submit?  Mmm, that search can be so delicious, yet so frightening.  A trip through our minds can be quite a challenge.
Yet, once we do give up control, the path initially is slow, subtle.  At first, we don't even know we are being led.  We believe we are in a 'normal' relationship.  But slowly, deftly she weaves her web of seduction, like a black widow luring her mate to eventually, willingly giving up his life. We are wrapped in her web, her superior talents overcome our soul. We fall, not realizing already, our path is set, destiny before us, and a separate path is now the one we walk along.

Mmmm, of course some dreams can be so delicious, courting the pain we desire, and the pleasure we aren't quite sure is there.  But we want it still, so badly we can taste it!

And how far shall our submission take us?  Perhaps that is contingent upon how well the Domme is able to lure our trust, draw out our submission, and intoxicate our soul until we are unable to close the doors to the boundaries we allowed her to bust open.  Like a barn door all our hidden dreams, nightmares fly out into the night, to be used, manipulated, then twined about us until we are unable to distinguish our dreams, nightmares, or fantasies from our own reality.  How enticing can that be?  Hhhmmm, perhaps quite yummy! Yet maybe, this is the very fear keeping us from allowing ourselves to tread that path we so long to tempt!

The more traditional dichotomy, at least to the outside.  But really, it creates an image to the outsider really misunderstood.  Yet to some, can become such an allure, perhaps candy to venture more, until they are the moth caught in the flame.  Or perhaps, Icarus flying too close to the sun, only to melt his wings and fall to earth!  But oh, how high we can fly when the bridles of society are released, and our true selves can become unleashed!
To anyone who has looked at my blog over the past few days, they will notice I keep adding to this post, which shows just how it haunts me, and how preoccupied my many dreams seem to be with it. And yet, this tells me I must soon acquiesce and give into my submission, or allow its draw to build continually, haunting me until I ultimately collapse and become a slave to it.  Perhaps it is my destiny, or merely a folly to which I am undeniably addicted.  Either way, I fear the longer I avoid jumping head-on into it (instead of the occasional foray into it here & there,) the stronger its hold on me shall become. 

A few Fun Pics

Whether cartoon or pic, the sight (& thought) of cuban-heeled, & seamed stockings just gets me so hot!  What do you think?
Black or white (or other hue), I don't care.  Although, some colors are preferred.  I do love the way they make me feel!  And prancing around the house in them with stiletto heels make me feel so sexy!  I can't help myself but feel like such a slut, and want to go out and 'get some'!  :giggles:  ;)
With my legs clad in nylon, I love to find stockings with cute little bows, or designs in the knitting.  And even better, accent it all with a gold chain and a locket hanging down over my waist.  My tushy feels so 'randy' as my hips sway with each step in my high heels.
Mmmm, just love the feel of stockings!  Running my fingers down the back of my thighs, feeling the seam as they seem to tell me, I am wrapped tight!  Strutting down the street, they beckon to onlookers, "here is the seam to opening this present of desires!"  Want to open this present?
I look at this, and all sorts of thoughts pop into my mind.  Should I pray upon her rosary?  Is the gate it guards a blessing, a gateway to paradise, pathway to pleasure?  Or is the rosary there to ward off evil doers, and scare away those of less pure thoughts? Somehow, this portal just begs to be kissed, and caressed with tongue's soft touch.  What do you think?

An erotic pic, which reminds me of an old friend, whom I have lost contact with, unfortunately.  Still, this picture does haunt me, and the visions insights into my dreams.

Life as a Maid

Yes my pet.  You now shall serve me, and do so with a passion you never before have felt for any task performed!   I admit the thought of serving the Mistress is so tempting.  Her powerful beauty intoxicating.  Even her soft touch seems to melt away any reservations I may have.

I can't wait to see what else she has in store.  The past week has been heavenly.  Even the occasional spanking can be endured, when followed by such incredible passionate delights!  My body aches with pleasure just reminiscing over my Mistress' tongue and the touch of her soft finger tips, magic over my sensitive and soft skin.  I can feel my tushy sway in delight.  'I know if I am a good gurl, Mischel is going to get her kicks tonight,' I think to myself, causing a moist wetness of anticipation below.  I giggle helplessy, looking back into my Mistress' eyes.  

Yes, Mistress, I happily serve your whim.  Mistress knows best, and I can think of nothing better than to make you happy. 

Good girl!  You and I are going to have so much fun together!  Now go and get ready!  Our guests will be here soon, and you have so much to do.  Besides, once they are here, you're going to be our entertainment!

I gleefully scamper off.  Biting my lip.  I wonder what Mistress has in mind.

Hurry, our Man is almost here!

"I can't believe you invited your boss over so soon!"  I stammered at my wife, not sure my attire would fool him into thinking I wasn't her husband, but her sexy friend from down the street.

"Oh don't worry, sweety!  You look so hot!  He is going to love you!  In fact, I told him if he really likes, he can him come over and have you as often as he likes! He was so impressed by your tight little body the other day, when he saw us shopping!"

I relented, remembering that 'run-in' at the mall.  My wife had taken me to Vickie's Secrets.  Although, I felt so humiliated when my wife invited the attendant into the dressing room with us. My secret now was open to Vickie and all her staff, amid giggles as we left.

"OK, but I still don't know how we're going to pull this off!  I mean, I'm wearing alot less now than then!"  I had to admit to myself, he was hot, but I couldn't see how wearing the gaffe under my panties was going to keep him from knowing I was a male, even if not so well endowed as he probably was.

My wife said nothing, but soon the doorbell rang, and there he was!  A smile from ear-to-ear arose on his face when he saw me staring back at him demurely.  My eyes flashing his way, hoping he'd be happy just to have my wife and I serve him, without anything else.  My body shivered a bit, in anticipation for what I knew was to come.  I bit my lip.  "Hello there handsome!  Are those flowers for us?"  He smiled back, looking me up & down, not saying much, but I knew he liked what he saw.

My wife took the flowers, giving me a wink.  "Why don't the two of you go relax on the sofa?  I'll fetch some drinks for everyone to relax with."

Slowly, I took his hand, leading him to the sofa.  I could feel his eyes on my body.  My tush seemed to sway more in my heels as I sauntered to the couch.  Turning, I let him sit. I decided I wasn't quite ready, but wanted to test his resolve, and to be quite honest.  I was feeling a bit frisky, and wanted to tease him a bit.  Somehow, I was feeling like such a saucy girl. 

I got up onto the chair, showing off my tush, then up onto the counter.  I can't believe what's gotten into me!

Had I lost my mind?  I couldn't control myself, as I became more aroused by his reactions.  I approached him slowly as a panthress approaches her prey.  My wife smiling broadly, enjoying the show.  I could see her licking her lips, as she smacked my ass.  Both of us on the couch now with her boss.  It wasn't long before we all got what we desired, and then some!

What a night!  And she was right, he did like me, and how he made me feel!  It was incredible!  Between him and my wife...I feel like such a slut!  And the two of them tag-teaming me every night!  My body keeps responding to the arousal!  I can't stop!  I NEED it more and more!

Oh sweet vixen Valerie!

 I don't know what comes over me, but every time I put on a pair of sexy stockings, my body feels the need to prance about, shaking my tushy, and imagining others watching me...wanting me!  The feel of the air on my naked tushy, and my legs covered in nylon, along with my lace bra and panties make me feel so sexy.  Yet, the carnal desires always bubble to the surface.  I guess I am just a wanton slut, and need it bad!  Is that so wrong?  What do you gurls think?  Is it wrong to truly 'need it' when clad in your naughties?