Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ready for Work, or not just yet?

It is a new day, and a new job.  Since my transformation, I have been in hiding.  But now, I am ready, and somehow was able to pass off my "New Me" without a hitch.  I am a girl, and my new employers believed it.  I am so excited, being able to finally dress in the clothes I have until now only dreamed of wearing to work.  I get dressed hours in advance, before the dawn.  Sitting back on my bed, I stare at my reflection in the mirror, and feel myself getting so aroused.  "Oh how yummy I feel!  I wonder who I will meet, and the reaction I will receive when I arrive!"

But the more I look at myself, the more aroused I become.  Looking at the clock, I tell myself I have plenty of time.  After all, the office is just around the corner.  I take off my jacket, and unbutton my blouse, so proud of my new 'girls'!  Looking myself up & down, from my strappy heeled sandals, my stocking-clad legs, short skirt, and up to my DD-girls.  I know if I were still a man, I'd be hard-pressed to withstand my temptations aroundthe office.  Or perhaps, I would 'just be hard'!  I giggle to myself.  Yet, feel unable to control the arousal, as I begin to slowly caress my curves, one-by-one, my clothes seem to peel from my soft skin.

I turn and look at my tushy, then begin to think there is something missing from it, aching for a cock or vibrator.  Biting my lip, I wonder if I actually still have time to play with a toy.  I look back at the clock.  An hour until I have to be there!  'It's only 10 minutes away!'  I convince myself.  'But my hair is all perfect!  Do I want to risk it?  But I NEED it!'  This good girl/bad girl argument continues with my troubled mind, as I twirl my body around in front of the mirror, unable to control the clothes from miraculously peeling away.

Finally I brake down!  Reaching into the nightstand, I pull out my bunny rabbit vibrator.  First staring at it longingly, my lips wrap around it as I close my eyes, floating off into an ethereal world.  Work no longer at the forefront of my mind, but that earthly longing, overtaking me.  Sucking it...no, inhaling the vibrator as it slides in and out of my lips.  My tongue swirling over the head.  I'm dripping below, needing it so badly!  I lay on my back, and thrust it deep within my lust-muffin.  Oh it feels so good!  Turning it on, I slide it in and out! Faster and faster, the bunny ears grabbing hold of me and taking me!  OOHHHH!!!

My body shudders in orgasmic bliss.  Then, I slowly return to earth, happy, yet still feeling the lust that lingers within.  A bit out of sorts, yet necessity for my new job gets me up.  I quickly redress, arrange my hair.  Grabbing my purse, out the door I go.  Arriving at work, my hips have an added sway of happiness, and a nice glow to my cheeks!  'Oh this is going to be so much fun!  I wink at an ogling young man, as he licks his chops, staring at me as I enter the front office for my first day....I am the tasty tart at my new job!

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  1. Oooh! That's very hot Mischel! I love your look in those stocking and heels. So Yummy!