Friday, November 12, 2010

Returning from shopping

Returning from the mall, my heart aglow from all the outfits Mistress bought for me.  My new life as a girl has become all she had promised me and more.  Long forgotten from my memory were the feelings of manhood, and the constraints on my ego they corralled. I follow her into 'the study', as she checks voice messages.

I feel my entire body being so alive.  This being a female has gotten me in such a state of euphoria, I don't know if it is happiness, or merely the fact she has got me so horny 24/7, I can't contain myself!

She looks at me with that knowing glance and smiles.  "Oh you are such a horny slut!  What am I going to do with you?  For now, I'll let you enjoy your body, and give me a little show!"

She sits back in her chair, as I prance about for her.  I feel like such a slut, but am loving my new life, and couldn't dream of being anything else.

My hands run over my curves, salacious thoughts permeating my imagination.  My heart pounding, I want nothing less than to strip naked on the floor, and crawl to her, worshiping her body from her beautiful toes, up her thighs, and to her 'Holy Grail'.  Maybe if I am a good little tart, she will let me do just that!  Mmmm, and if I am really good, who knows what wonderful pleasures I am bestowed!

Just then I here the words I was longing for, "Come here my sexy little pet!  You are such a little slut!  Time to put that body to good use."  I hear her drawer of toys slide open, my heart begins pounding, and I crawl eagerly to her feet, beginning my role to happiness!

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