Monday, November 22, 2010

A few Fun Pics

Whether cartoon or pic, the sight (& thought) of cuban-heeled, & seamed stockings just gets me so hot!  What do you think?
Black or white (or other hue), I don't care.  Although, some colors are preferred.  I do love the way they make me feel!  And prancing around the house in them with stiletto heels make me feel so sexy!  I can't help myself but feel like such a slut, and want to go out and 'get some'!  :giggles:  ;)
With my legs clad in nylon, I love to find stockings with cute little bows, or designs in the knitting.  And even better, accent it all with a gold chain and a locket hanging down over my waist.  My tushy feels so 'randy' as my hips sway with each step in my high heels.
Mmmm, just love the feel of stockings!  Running my fingers down the back of my thighs, feeling the seam as they seem to tell me, I am wrapped tight!  Strutting down the street, they beckon to onlookers, "here is the seam to opening this present of desires!"  Want to open this present?
I look at this, and all sorts of thoughts pop into my mind.  Should I pray upon her rosary?  Is the gate it guards a blessing, a gateway to paradise, pathway to pleasure?  Or is the rosary there to ward off evil doers, and scare away those of less pure thoughts? Somehow, this portal just begs to be kissed, and caressed with tongue's soft touch.  What do you think?

An erotic pic, which reminds me of an old friend, whom I have lost contact with, unfortunately.  Still, this picture does haunt me, and the visions insights into my dreams.

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