Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another night to relax & reflect

 Getting out of my suit and into a sexy nighty, I put on a pair of matching high heels, panties and prance about the house.  A glass of merlot in hand, I feel so relaxed and at one with myself.  As if this is the only time I can actually be 'myself'.  Staring into the mirror, I marvel at how I look. My hair hanging freely, caressing the back of my neck and back.  I love the feel of its softness on my bare skin.  Oh why can't I just come out and tell the world, "I am a girl!  Yes, a wanton gurl!  And a slutty one at that!" 

I have such a desire to get dolled up and go out for the night.  The thought of something sexy, and the chance to 'sway my tushy around others' just has such an intoxicating feel about it.  I just love sliding into a bar, nuzzle up against somebody and feel them try and 'cop a feel' of my tushy as I bump them on my way by, then give them a glance and a wink over my shoulder.  Oooh, I can be so naughty!

Pausing, I bite my lip then grin.  I can feel my body begin to get aroused with all these sexy feelings hurling themselves into the imagination.  Leaning back onto the sofa, my body gives in to desire.  I want it, and have been thinking about 'it' all day.  Closing my eyes, I imagine myself, and a lover together.  I offer myself to him, as my legs spread, longing for him to take me where we both long to go, and only dreams can ever feel.  Oh how I long for this to be real!

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