Monday, November 1, 2010

She Converted Me, and I Love It!

After months of slipping hormones into my food, the transformation is complete. At first I fought the changes, but slowly the emotions overtook me.  My entire body overwhelmed by the arousal.  Now addicted, I am a toy to her whims.  Blissfully I suckle the dildo she hands me, covered with her nectar.  I imagine it is the cock we shared last night during our night on the town.  I dress as a slut 24/7, and can't imagine living any other way. I love my wife and my new life!

Her nectar the ambrosia I am so addicted to.  I don't remember when it became the nourishment I needed.  But all she needs to do is lift her dress and expose it to me, and I fall to my knees and worship her devotedly!  Oh nirvana!

Kimberly pushed me to the couch.  Setting her perfect tush above me, I eagerly attacked her sweet altar, tasting the wine of her love, and my intoxication overtakes me.  I float amongst the clouds as the two of us consume each other until we are both shaking in orgasmic bliss!  

She continues teasing me under the table. Her fingers slowly slide under the table along the top of my stockings. My lips dry,I look around the restaurant nervously. Our waiter meanders our way, when she orders me under the table, I jump to attention, drop to my knees, crawling under the table to worship her beautiful stocking-clad feet. A cool breeze cools my tushy in lace panties, as she had pulls my dress over my head. My humiliation complete, but I have no will or desire to fight the power she has over me.

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  1. Oooh Mischel! That is so Hot! I love how you taste my sweet ambrosia while I'm in my favorite blue dress!