Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fascination with Belly Dancers, & their Music

Not sure what it is, but I have long felt Belly Dancers, and the vision of their fine silks, the slow sensual way they move their bodies to a sultry song is so erotic.  Somehow, much of the music seems to sound like slow sensual love making.  Like the Chamandy song I have linked to the side of this blog.

I can just imagine lounging on a bed of pillows, "Take a Chance" slowly playing in the background.  I hear a man approaching.  I get up and slowly walk towards him.  My gate slow, deliberate, yet so sensually feminine as I float towards him like a cool desert breeze.  My soft skin just noticeable under the thin linen hanging from my head, just delicately framing my form.  The silhoutte of my curves easily noticeable through the transparent material, he is transfixed by my motions as I slowly circle about him.  My hips swaying slowly more and more as the music becomes more pronounced.  Leaning into him, I allow him to inhale the subtle perfume I am wearing.  I take his hand, slowly leading him to the pillows of silk in the corner of the tent.  He lays back upon them as I slowly begin my dance of lust & seduction, intoxicating him with my feminine motion.

The veil falls from my face.  His eyes fixed upon mine as we stare into each other's briefly.  I can see his lips apart unconsciously as he watches my body move about him.  As the music slowly nears its end, I kneel in front of him, beginning to kiss him up the front of his torso, unleashing him from the binds of his clothes, and allowing his skin to fall into longing at the feel of my body against his.  He can no longer hold himself back.  He takes me in to the night, and one of unending passionate fervor.

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