Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today is a day to give thanks!

I sit here, believing I am dressed for the day;  well, at least in theme for the day ahead.  But it is time to think back and consider what I am thankful for.  Yes, I am happy to be healthy.  And I do eat well, and work my tushy out at the gym to keep my figure tight, and tushy looking nice in all the skimpy clothes I love to prance around in.

As I read other people's blogs, the newspaper, and the like.  Everyone is thankful for family & togetherness.  And yes, that is important too.  But every day we have an opportunity to be whom we want to be.  And the more we explore, the better we feel, and more confident we are in our skin.  So I am thankful for the opportunity to be me!  

I am not one who likes to look back, and so the entire process of thanks for the past, kind of gets lost on my ears.  Call me just a shallow, sex-a-holic gurl!  :giggles:

But there are other things I am thankful for.  I am thankful for the myriad of different colors and styles of panties I can wear, regardless of what mood I am in. Although, I must admit I get so caught up in my stockings, heels, and garters, I often wear nothing else underneath!  I know, I know!  You are telling me, "Mischel you are such a wanton slut!"  Well, I won't deny it! And it takes one to know one, right? I am a slut!  And with the holidays upon us, and Xmas parties near, there is no better way to be!  

I look forward to parties, and secret trysts behind the elevator with cohorts too drunk from the eggnog or spiked punch to know otherwise.   Christmas parties can become so revealing!  You never know what 'hidden secrets' you can learn about people who sit next to you during the day, but have a hidden lifestyle once they leave the confines of the office!  Or how about the lives of their spouses?  :giggles:  I can't wait!  Which reminds me, anyone out there have any Holiday parties you want to invite me to?  We could sneak off together for our own little tryst, or just wink at each other from across the room, knowing each other's secret.  Then take notes and talk about them later on.  Or maybe, get somebody all tied up, and have our own little threesome!  Yummy!  Oh I can be so naughty around the holidays!

C'est l'amour!  Time to get back to Thanksgiving! My oven is hot, and it's time to baste my holiday turkey.  Oh I'm sorry! I shouldn't call him a turkey.  But he looks so tranquil and serene sleeping in my satin sheets.  A smile on his face after our late night activities.  I think I will slowly cook him with my lips and nibble on his stuffing as I go! Likely, both of us will be well-basted before the day is through.    :giggles:

Oh well, time to get back to cooking!  Ciao, ciao, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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