Monday, November 1, 2010

Prancing Outdoors!

Yesterday, while prancing about in front, I received such a reaction from a few of the neighbors walking by.  But when bending over to pick up the paper, showing off my tushy for all to see...well the reaction was a bit more than I expected.  I felt so giddy with excitement, and swayed my tushy even more, then slinked back inside, making sure they saw the parting glance over my shoulder, followed by a blown kiss.

Today, with more confidence, I decided to walk around again.  My heart soared as my new body got the reaction I wanted.  Soon a crowd arrived, and my smile grew, as did my confidence.  I couldn't help myself.  

Inviting a few of my horny suitors into the backyard for a private show,  I gave each a gentle kiss on the cheek, then nudged them back one at a time into a lawn chair.  I squealed each time one of them groped or patted my tushy.  I couldn't help but stick it out further for their benefit.  Then my private show began.

Oh boys, do you like what you see?  Mmmm, you are getting me so horny and excited!  Maybe we should have our own little party.  :giggles:

My tushy just loves all your attention!  What's a girl going to do?

I continue to sway my body, giving 'the boys' all they could handle!  What heart swelled as I could tell they all wanted me.  My imagination thought of all of them and their meat out ready for me to taste.  Singing softly, 'Mmmm, Mischel is going to have her way, today!  Mischel is going to have a meal today!'

"Ahh, do you boys like what you see?"  I giggle as their tongues are all dragging on the cement like wolves.  I continue to dance for them, thinking about their lost control, and how I am about to be taken. My tush already squirming, thinking about the big cock plunging into my tight little tushy!  The more I dreamt of it, the more I found my hips swaying.  I felt like a gypsy gyrating for the townfolk.  But my gyrations were a dance of lust!  And I know exactly what I want! 

 The more attention I get, the more I find myself sliding into the realm of sluttiness.  I am becoming such a harlot, and want nothing less!

"You boys got me so turned on, I'm suddenly feeling so hungry.  And what I'm hungry for is not found at the Deli Counter or Grocery Store."  I smile lasciviously in their direction, biting my lip, then bending over seductively so they get a full view of my naked body.  "Now which one of you boys are up to the task?"

I walk seductively over to one, my hand grabbing his crotch, "You first!" Dropping to my knees, unable to hold back any longer, I quickly unzip his pants to see his big meat pop out, already shaved for me.  "Oh you look so yummy!"

I quickly grab him by the base of his cock and run my tongue along the underside, relishing the prize I had earned.  As I begin to wrap my lips around the salami of my dreams, I feel more hands running over my body.  One grabs my tushy, and I squeal with delight.  Then, the head of a big cock presses against my sweet rose bud, and my dreams have become reality, and fate is sealed.  Oh what a day this has be-cum!  

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