Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Succumbing to my Mistress

It has been a long road.  My denial of my fate long ago faded from my thoughts.  From a once proud man, I am now a sex-crazed harlot, and devoted to my Mistress.  A mere look from her eyes and I drop to my knees, and heed to her wishes.  It's as if she telepathically communicates every derective.  Somehow, I know what she wants, and I am powerless to withstand her desires, nor do I wish to as she is a Goddess, and I her loving & devoted servant.

She beckons to me and I come.  Her beautiful body awaiting me upon the dining room table.  I lean over her leg as she pulls my panties from my tush.  The feel of her touch as it gently runs along my skin, intoxicating.  My breasts already exposed per her wishes.


As she leans into me, I am pinned, and feel the security, knowing I am hers!

I am directed to lay on my back as my panties slowly are removed, exposing my pussy, already dripping with anticipation, longing for her touch.  I have become such a wanton harlot, and I love the excitement!

Turning me over, she teases me!  Her lips kissing my sensitive tushy.  My mind can't stand it!  I want her, and begin thinking about how I long to worship her tush.  But now mine juts into the air, offering myself to her, and longing for her to do as she wishes.  For now it seems, she merely wants to tease me...taunt my heart!

She whispers to me to stand, as her hands and lips continue their wicked/blessed temptations.  Luring me in as she does so expertly.  I am powerless in her presence.  Standing, my legs grow weak as I feel the need to drop to my knees.  The power she holds overwhelming.

Then her lips make their way to my breasts!  Oh, this is so unfair!  Since she gave me these they have caused me such torment!  Her lips on them send chills down my spine!  My heart melting, yet she says nothing, only a gentle nudge from her hands directing me which way to move.  My head feeling so light, my thoughts in an ethereal cloud!

Finally, she leans back, offering me her beautiful, soft globes of perfection.  My lips eagerly slide to her nipples, licking, suckling, and arousing as she taught me long and arduously over the preceding months.  Now I know just what she wants, and gain my happiness knowing I am hers, and am able to satisfy her needs.

My life now complete.  My former life as a male, a myth from the past.  Newfound happiness so sublime and perfect.  There is nothing I wouldn't do for her.  And nothing of myself that is hidden and not hers.  I savor every moment with her, and can think of nothing else.  My life is a nirvana unparalleled.

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