Monday, November 29, 2010

Caught, Changed, and All Identity Lost

Mark's torture was overwhelming.  Unable to withstand temptation, he gave in to his (her) desire.  His new body so slender, so soft, so arousing.  His new breasts became so sensitive each day.  At first he played with them, laughing to himself at the novelty of actually having breasts.  But as his treatment continued, each time he did, he became more addicted, and each arousal, more addicting.  Soon he was a slave to his arousal.  His treatments continued.  The nightly shots, creams smeared over his body, and tapes played repeated over and over overcame his ability to fight it.  Once he gave in, he was gone.  Mark had long ceased wondering what happened to his friend and partner, Brian.  Little did he know, Brian's torture was mirroring his own in the next room (cell).

One morning Mark (now Marcia) awoke in a strange room.  She didn't recognize where she was, only the arousal she feels from the luster of the satin sheets.  Oh how nice they feel on her skin!  Her body feels so alive! She felt her long slender legs, tingling.  She giggled to herself.  'Black stockings, my favorite! And I love this sexy design down the back!'  She stood up and began prancing around the room like the 'mindless gurl' she was, although somehow, she couldn't remember much of anything prior to awaking just that moment.  

Each moment seemed to drift from her mind, just as the prior.  All Marcia knew was that moment she was living!  Her ignorance is such bliss!  Not a care in the world, just a focus on the emotions she feels, and the intense arousal she was now feeling.  She laid back onto the bed, closed her eyes and began massaging her wet pussy! Oh how incredible this feels!  Her free hand lifts a breast to her lips, as her tongue runs over her hardening nipple.

Brian had awaken moments earlier in the adjoining room.  Not sure where he (she) was, and like his (her) friend, unable to remember anything prior to that one moment.  She had spent her first moments just as Marcia is now, exploring her body, and enjoying the ensuing orgasms.  But she couldn't stop!  Her frustration overloading her little brain.  'Briana' needed more, and began searching in frustration for something else to further satisfy her intense hunger for lust.

Then the lights went out, and Briana was grabbed by two burly guards, led a short way into another room, and pushed inside.  At first it was quiet.  She heard rustling across the room, where Marcia was recovering on her sheets from a series of intense orgasms.  But so addicted, Marcia needed more!  She had to have more.  Spying the new gurl in the room.  She stalked her.

Briana braced herself just quickly enough to catch Marcia's attack.  The two wanton harlots clawed each other in unbridled lust.  Each wanting each other more than anything they had either wanted before.  Neither realizing they were both once partners, in the same FBI unit.

Weeks later, none of this would be remembered.  Oh, their relationship would flourish, but each day, like every day after would be forgotten.  Learning to live together in the same room, sleep together in the same bed.  Their bodies wrapped around each other, unable to let go!  Never satisfied, and becoming more zealous in their lust with each orgasm they endured. 

Each day they would eat together from hers-&-hers silver bowls, each with their daily 'vitamins' further enhancing their sexual frustrations.

In time, others would enter the room, but these visitors were different.  They were big and strong, unlike the softness of Marcia & Briana.  And they always had that yummy candy stick attached below their abdomen.  Mmmm, how Marcia and Briana loved sucking on that big love-stick. So soft and tasty it felt as they each got a turn running their lips over it, (unless they were blessed and got two visitors at once). Each would do their best to suck and lick until it would eject that yummy goo, so incredible it tastes!  Everytime, it made each of them so happy to receive.  They'd always crave more, but be left with just enough to wet their appetites!

After the guests leave, with the girls shaking and wanting more, the two of them  attack each other. As if trying to collect the yummy-goo from off the other's  lips.  Then Marcia & Briana collapse to the floor, entwined as one, after endless orgasms, unable to move. Eventually, one would awaken  or another 'guest' would be dropped off into the room, having paid a handsome fee for his time with the two sluts, Marcia and Briana.


  1. OMG! I Love kissing your hot lips while that hard cock slips between us. You're making me So Wet!

  2. It's very horny...

  3. Mmm, isn't it Yummy? :giggles: I get so wet imagining this.

    Thank you so much! :kisses: