Monday, November 22, 2010

Hurry, our Man is almost here!

"I can't believe you invited your boss over so soon!"  I stammered at my wife, not sure my attire would fool him into thinking I wasn't her husband, but her sexy friend from down the street.

"Oh don't worry, sweety!  You look so hot!  He is going to love you!  In fact, I told him if he really likes, he can him come over and have you as often as he likes! He was so impressed by your tight little body the other day, when he saw us shopping!"

I relented, remembering that 'run-in' at the mall.  My wife had taken me to Vickie's Secrets.  Although, I felt so humiliated when my wife invited the attendant into the dressing room with us. My secret now was open to Vickie and all her staff, amid giggles as we left.

"OK, but I still don't know how we're going to pull this off!  I mean, I'm wearing alot less now than then!"  I had to admit to myself, he was hot, but I couldn't see how wearing the gaffe under my panties was going to keep him from knowing I was a male, even if not so well endowed as he probably was.

My wife said nothing, but soon the doorbell rang, and there he was!  A smile from ear-to-ear arose on his face when he saw me staring back at him demurely.  My eyes flashing his way, hoping he'd be happy just to have my wife and I serve him, without anything else.  My body shivered a bit, in anticipation for what I knew was to come.  I bit my lip.  "Hello there handsome!  Are those flowers for us?"  He smiled back, looking me up & down, not saying much, but I knew he liked what he saw.

My wife took the flowers, giving me a wink.  "Why don't the two of you go relax on the sofa?  I'll fetch some drinks for everyone to relax with."

Slowly, I took his hand, leading him to the sofa.  I could feel his eyes on my body.  My tush seemed to sway more in my heels as I sauntered to the couch.  Turning, I let him sit. I decided I wasn't quite ready, but wanted to test his resolve, and to be quite honest.  I was feeling a bit frisky, and wanted to tease him a bit.  Somehow, I was feeling like such a saucy girl. 

I got up onto the chair, showing off my tush, then up onto the counter.  I can't believe what's gotten into me!

Had I lost my mind?  I couldn't control myself, as I became more aroused by his reactions.  I approached him slowly as a panthress approaches her prey.  My wife smiling broadly, enjoying the show.  I could see her licking her lips, as she smacked my ass.  Both of us on the couch now with her boss.  It wasn't long before we all got what we desired, and then some!

What a night!  And she was right, he did like me, and how he made me feel!  It was incredible!  Between him and my wife...I feel like such a slut!  And the two of them tag-teaming me every night!  My body keeps responding to the arousal!  I can't stop!  I NEED it more and more!

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