Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I hear my wife coming!

I hear her returning, I set back onto the bed, wanting to give her the best view.  After all, over the past months, I have moved beyond the embarrassment of her discovering my desires, to succumbing to hers to become her home-based sex-slut/housewife.  I wanted to show her how I looked in the outfit she had bought me.  As she enters the room, I give her that 'please take me now' stare.

I continue to run my fingers over my body as I can see her smile at what she sees.
 "Well aren't you the hot little slut!  You haven't been exploring your new body while I was gone, were you?"
I turn a bit red for a moment, having to tell a 'little white lie'.  As my hands had spent every moment I could, whether in public or not, exploring myself.  But how could I not?  She has spent the past months not only changing my body through surgery and all those pills and cocktails, but I spend nights with headphones on, subliminally being turned into such a wanton slut!  All I think about is sex, and devoting every ounce of energy to her.  "Oh no my loving Mistress!  I just wanted to show you how much I love you, and how I long to make you happy!  I can't tell you how thankful I am for what you've done for me.  I just love the body you have given me! The past months have been soooo worth the wait!"

Standing, I turn around to give her a look at my tushy.  Oh how I hope her resistance breaks down, as I am getting so wet!  Since the change, it seems she has got me horny at the very thought of her.  Every second of my life I think, dream, and desire her, and create new ways I hope to make her happy.  I am such a devoted 'housewife' to her.  And I love it!  This is so much better than having to be 'the man', and all the responsibility it seemed to bog me down with.  Let her keep all the decision making!  I just want to be the housewife, and keep the place perfect for her, and be her little slut.

"Oh you do look delicious dear!  It has been a long day, but I think you are giving me some inspiration. Have you been a good girl and made the house all clean, and spotless?  The place does look nice.  Maybe we should get out Momma's toy box and see what games we could play."

I smile to myself, as I can feel myself get so wet at the thought of her 'toy box'!  My first thought is to tear everything off me, and offer my tush up to her for the taking.  I look down, and can't help but to play with myself.  The feel of the nylon alone is such a turn-on, and makes me feel like such a slut anyway.

"Oh, I have been such a good girl for you today!  I've dusted and vacuumed the entire house, took your clothes to the dry cleaners.  Although I must admit, the outfit you layed out for me today had me thinking about you all day! I so missed you!"

Her smile grows wider. I can tell she is happy.

 I look for a hint of what she is thinking.  Hopefully she will ask me to fetch her toy box, then we could really have fun.  Biting my lip, I slide to my side and give her another 'come get me' look.

This is my new life, and oh how delicious it is.  Finally she breaks down, and with a smile.  "Oh you know I love seeing you like this, my sex-crazed little slut!  Go get my 'toy box', I have some new ideas for you."

My heart jumps! 'I wonder what she is thinking and has in store?'  My tushy sways as I run for the box, so excited in anticipation.  Oh I am going to really 'get it' tonight!

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