Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Fun!

I found this outfit, and felt so giddy!  I had to try it on and bring it home!  Sooo Yummy!  Looking at myself in the mirror, then prancing around in my high heels!  My only regret is it's something I'll probably just wear around the house and not under my work clothes. 

Although, wouldn't it be fun to see what would happen if I just walked around outside for a little bit.  Maybe in the early morning just at dawn when nobody was around.  Or even better, just saunter about at midday, and see the reaction of the men driving by as I bend over to adjust a heel strap.  :giggles:  Oh, such a tantalizing thought.  Mmmmmm!  I think I'll do just that  One never knows who you can pick up just in your own front yard!  I feel like such a harlot!

Inspiration of the Moment

"That was incredible, Johnny!  Orgasms as a female can be a religious experience!  I...I...don't know what to say..or...or, to be honest, if I want to go back.  How long did you say this spell is supposed to last?  You did say you had the antidote to change us back, right?  Johnny? Johnny?  Why aren't you answering?  

Oh Johnny you feel so good!  Let's keep this going and do it again!  I'm not sure I want to go back.  God you are so hot!"  

"What have you done to me?  How long was I asleep?  Why is my hair so long so soft?    I'm feeling so dizzy!  I have such a weird feeling, but...but..oh...why do I have this desire to drop to my knees, and...and....please tell me what you want me to do.  I'll do anything! My body is tingling all over!   I'm...I' confused!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Day, means new boundaries to press!

I can't help myself.  I feel like for every day I finish without seemingly being discovered, the more I want to 'press the envelope', and try for more.  What am I thinking?!?  But I can't help myself, this feeling inside me is overwhelming!  I want to burst out!  

I could hardly sleep last night, until I fianlly slid under my covers, dressed in my soft silk chemise slid off into  la-la land.

Today I would go further!  As I exit the restroom adorned in my soft bath sheet, I prance about searching for the right ensemble to wear under my work clothes.  Feeling so naughty, but oh so yummy doing it.  I imagine the anguish I will feel all day, knowing what I will be wearing at work, and my 'little secret' I tell myself nobody knows.  I smile finding the perfect outfit, and spread it out on my bed, and begin preparation for the new day.

First the white stockings.  Oh they feel heavenly over my legs!  I giggle as I run my thumbs under the pretty white bows at the back of my thighs.  Oh, this is so naughty!  I then slide my soft thong up my legs, as it nestles nicely above my hips.  The material sliding between my cheeks.  I feel myself coo in enjoyment as my tushy feels the splendor of the material.  I am side tracked for a moment as I feel the need to put on heels and look at myself while I put on the rest of my ensemble.    

Finally, I grab hold of myself, giggling, and remove the shoes, covering my lingerie with the 'pwer garb' of the day.  I put on my 'game face', and jump into my car.  Once on the highway amidst the traffic, if only for a moment, my secret is muffled from the mind until I reach work.  Once out of the car and heading into the building and to my desk, I feel the fabric squeeze my body.  I agonize whether the pretty bows at the top of the stockings, or the garter straps I had fastened to the stockings were visible through my suit.  I look down, while my hands run along the tops of my thighs.  I smile and nod at the secretaries I pass who smile back at me.  I can not help but wonder if any of them know.  What would be the 'penalty' I would have to pay to keep them quiet?  

Biting my lip, I turn the corner into my office, place myself behind my desk, and go about the 'business of the day', with the nagging anguish exhilaration always at the back of my mind.

Finally! The end of the day!

Jumping into my car, I pull out into traffic returning home after a days work.  The traffic seemed to be inordinately bad as my anticipation for freedom was beyond control.  I had spent the entire day feeling my stockings, garter and thong under my suit.  Having found myself running my hands along my trousers under my desk anytime I felt nobody was watching.  The feel was incredible!  The anguish driving me wild!  I thought I was losing my mind as the seconds ticked away like molasses dripping.  My tongue dragging along my lips as my secret had me so aroused!  It was inescapable as my hand kept running down between my thighs, feeling the excitement I could not contain.

But now I was on my way.  The traffic now the anguish to my mind.  One hand on the wheel, the other running along my leg as my trousers are now open.

Pulling into the garage, closing it.  I am out of my car, half undressed before I dash inside.  Finally!  A sigh of relief as my hands now run along my body, covered only in the lingerie I had dressed in this morning before work.  Feeling like the ropes tieing me down had been released.  I am free!
 My hands unable to control themselves, after having to withstand the temptation all day.  One now reaching between my legs.  OH my body feels so incredible!  

A flash runs through my mind, followed by a coquettish giggle.  I scamper into my bedroom, and begin taking everything off.  Time to play dress-up!  
As the smile overtakes my face, I begin singing to myself.  An adorable pink ensemble looks perfect for my mood!  I bite my lip as I slowly slip the stockings up my long smooth legs.  My thumb slides under the bow at the top, as my body feels so alive and girly.  I can't hold back the giggles as I then close my eyes, fall back upon the bed, and savor the feeling.

Oh this is glorious, this feeling of euphoria sweeping through me!  My hands running over the material!  My emotions welling up within me!  My heart feels like its going to burst!

Grabbing my tushy, and running my hands slowly over it, I begin to think of the fun I can have tonight, alone and my toys.  Imagining who could show up unannounced, and explore our secret desires together!  Oh, it is so delicious!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The more I look, the more I need

The more I discover, the more 'shopping' becomes a sacred addiction.  What is it that makes nylons drive me so wild?  I am dressed for work!  An Italian business suit over my stockings, garter, and thong, and I can feel my entire body tingle with excitement!  I just can't stop, and must have more!
Oh this look in her eyes just says it all to me, calling out to me even more! 

She just makes me feel so naughty!  Looking at her, I want to be her!  Dress like her, go out, bring home another female and become such a slut!

There is something about the simplicity of the coloring that is still so sexy about this picture.  

Beginning the day, and my Secret

I guess I am in one of those moods today.  I began this blog last night, and I couldn't sleep all night.  Like coming out of the closet, my mind became alive with what to wear under my work clothes today, and how it will feel next to my skin.

I feel like a little school girl, trying to get away with something naughty. Yet it all feels so fun, I can't help it, and go ahead anyway.  As I awake, I step into the shower, feeling the water slide down my naked body.  Lathering soap in my hand, I run it along first my calf, then around my shin, then run the razor along.  My toes pointed as I am feeling so feminine now and visions of what I had layed out for myself to wear dance through my mind.  I continue on up to my thighs, careful to remove any stubble.  I giggle as I look down at the little 'heart-shaped' tuft I had shaved the day before just above my clitty.  'Oh I am feeling so naughty!'.  A slight girlish giggle escapes from my lips.  

Stepping from the shower, I dab myself dry.  

I saunter back into my room wearing only a towel. Picking up the first stocking, I sit, point my toes, scrunching up the nylon, and slowly slide them over my feet, along my ankle, up my calf.  The exhilaration as I stretch them up my thigh.  I take a dip breath, holding back the excitement as I grab the other and repeat the first step.  I have to stand and stare at myself in the mirror, looking side-to-side, and making sure the seam to my cuban heeled stockings is straight on either leg.  Then comes the...yes...I admit it....the thong.  I purchased one that will make today seem even more naughty.

Oh, I feel like such a harlot.  The material is so sheer and soft, yet so delicate with that adorable ribbon.  And the back!  The word says it all.  I pause to wonder if any of this will show under my clothes.  Then shake it off as if to tempt fate!  I MUST have this!

Then the garter, (as if any of the prior would show more than the garter straps).  Sliding it on, then carefully attaching the straps to the stockings.  I have to let out a deep breath.  Oh I feel so naughty, but I am now so addicted to the feel of this, I can't imagine a day without it, and still feeling whole.  

Standing in front of the mirror, I admire the vision.  Oh so yummy! (Did I just say 'yummy'?)  I turn from side to side, then around to admire my tush.  (Oh, and there is that word again...'tush'!)

I bite my lip, then throw on my outer layer.  The business suit!  Ack!  The cloak to cover my inner desires, and the secret I live.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a few of my favorite things

Of course Cuban heels just cause me to go wild!

Just to dress in them causes my tush to sway as I feel so excited!  There I go!  I am calling my behind a tush!  But they do frame the behind so well!  And when wearing them in sexy heels, you can't help but feel your hips sway from side-to-side in a rhythmic tempo.  Just thinking about it causes me to want to more and more.  I am finding myself wearing them regularly under my suit during the day.  The feel, knowing it is there as I call meetings into my office drives me crazy!

Then there is my addiction to the tush itself!  Aahh, paradise.  The soft curves, watching it move with such grace, and imagining it just barely covered by a short dress or skirt, waiting to be kissed or worshiped.

And of course, once I am completely adorned, and succumbing on my knees, I feel myself the submissive in a lesbian longing.  I can not withstand the desire for being a little slut to another female.  Is there anything wrong with this?  The more I think about it, the more I need it, and can not stop until I have it.  And once I do, I want it more, and more often!

Mischel Has Arrived

I can't remember when I first became fascinated with nylon, and the affects it has over my own arousal. But it was sometime as a kid, feeling the sheerness of my mom's stockings, trying them on, with her silk panties underneath, and the feeling I felt.

I admit, I've always become weak-kneed eying beautiful legs, and when adorned in cuban-heeled stockings, high heels, I can not help but drop to my knees.

My eyes follow that seam from the long spikes of the heels, up the back of those beautiful legs to the fringe of that dress, and imagine the beautiful derriere just barely covered. My tongue runs along my lips, longing to follow that seem, kissing her all the way. I have become a slave to my own imagination.

And of course these desires have led me to venturing to websites, blogs, and interactive communities to learn more, and wet my appetite until now I am unable to shake the addiction from my soul!

Now I am forever exploring stockings, heels, and various other lingerie.  Toys have become my latest venture, so now I find myself open to so much, I question how I have gotten here. But I now know my destiny is this path I trod. The further I go, the more addicted I become, and my longings more pronounced and overwhelming.

So much to experience, and no bounds to the exhilaration each experience seems to inspire.

Hopefully, I will learn how to better put my feelings and discoveries here to share.