Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a few of my favorite things

Of course Cuban heels just cause me to go wild!

Just to dress in them causes my tush to sway as I feel so excited!  There I go!  I am calling my behind a tush!  But they do frame the behind so well!  And when wearing them in sexy heels, you can't help but feel your hips sway from side-to-side in a rhythmic tempo.  Just thinking about it causes me to want to more and more.  I am finding myself wearing them regularly under my suit during the day.  The feel, knowing it is there as I call meetings into my office drives me crazy!

Then there is my addiction to the tush itself!  Aahh, paradise.  The soft curves, watching it move with such grace, and imagining it just barely covered by a short dress or skirt, waiting to be kissed or worshiped.

And of course, once I am completely adorned, and succumbing on my knees, I feel myself the submissive in a lesbian longing.  I can not withstand the desire for being a little slut to another female.  Is there anything wrong with this?  The more I think about it, the more I need it, and can not stop until I have it.  And once I do, I want it more, and more often!

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  1. Hi Sweetheart!
    You know I love putting those stockings on your legs!