Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mischel Has Arrived

I can't remember when I first became fascinated with nylon, and the affects it has over my own arousal. But it was sometime as a kid, feeling the sheerness of my mom's stockings, trying them on, with her silk panties underneath, and the feeling I felt.

I admit, I've always become weak-kneed eying beautiful legs, and when adorned in cuban-heeled stockings, high heels, I can not help but drop to my knees.

My eyes follow that seam from the long spikes of the heels, up the back of those beautiful legs to the fringe of that dress, and imagine the beautiful derriere just barely covered. My tongue runs along my lips, longing to follow that seem, kissing her all the way. I have become a slave to my own imagination.

And of course these desires have led me to venturing to websites, blogs, and interactive communities to learn more, and wet my appetite until now I am unable to shake the addiction from my soul!

Now I am forever exploring stockings, heels, and various other lingerie.  Toys have become my latest venture, so now I find myself open to so much, I question how I have gotten here. But I now know my destiny is this path I trod. The further I go, the more addicted I become, and my longings more pronounced and overwhelming.

So much to experience, and no bounds to the exhilaration each experience seems to inspire.

Hopefully, I will learn how to better put my feelings and discoveries here to share.

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