Monday, October 25, 2010

Beginning the day, and my Secret

I guess I am in one of those moods today.  I began this blog last night, and I couldn't sleep all night.  Like coming out of the closet, my mind became alive with what to wear under my work clothes today, and how it will feel next to my skin.

I feel like a little school girl, trying to get away with something naughty. Yet it all feels so fun, I can't help it, and go ahead anyway.  As I awake, I step into the shower, feeling the water slide down my naked body.  Lathering soap in my hand, I run it along first my calf, then around my shin, then run the razor along.  My toes pointed as I am feeling so feminine now and visions of what I had layed out for myself to wear dance through my mind.  I continue on up to my thighs, careful to remove any stubble.  I giggle as I look down at the little 'heart-shaped' tuft I had shaved the day before just above my clitty.  'Oh I am feeling so naughty!'.  A slight girlish giggle escapes from my lips.  

Stepping from the shower, I dab myself dry.  

I saunter back into my room wearing only a towel. Picking up the first stocking, I sit, point my toes, scrunching up the nylon, and slowly slide them over my feet, along my ankle, up my calf.  The exhilaration as I stretch them up my thigh.  I take a dip breath, holding back the excitement as I grab the other and repeat the first step.  I have to stand and stare at myself in the mirror, looking side-to-side, and making sure the seam to my cuban heeled stockings is straight on either leg.  Then comes the...yes...I admit it....the thong.  I purchased one that will make today seem even more naughty.

Oh, I feel like such a harlot.  The material is so sheer and soft, yet so delicate with that adorable ribbon.  And the back!  The word says it all.  I pause to wonder if any of this will show under my clothes.  Then shake it off as if to tempt fate!  I MUST have this!

Then the garter, (as if any of the prior would show more than the garter straps).  Sliding it on, then carefully attaching the straps to the stockings.  I have to let out a deep breath.  Oh I feel so naughty, but I am now so addicted to the feel of this, I can't imagine a day without it, and still feeling whole.  

Standing in front of the mirror, I admire the vision.  Oh so yummy! (Did I just say 'yummy'?)  I turn from side to side, then around to admire my tush.  (Oh, and there is that word again...'tush'!)

I bite my lip, then throw on my outer layer.  The business suit!  Ack!  The cloak to cover my inner desires, and the secret I live.


  1. OMG! You know I adore that sheer fabric panty on you hot little pussy! Did you dab a little perfume on the inside of your legs for me?

  2. Yes, your favorite sugar! I want to be sweet and savory for my lover!