Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Escapees, but now what?

Marcus and Paul had escaped!  The month trapped inside that fortress had been hell!  The tapes and torture they had been forced through, and all the needles!  They had told each other they had to get away!  But now they were out, and somehow they felt different!  The further they ran, the more control they lost, the hornier they felt!

With each step, their hips swayed with such a rhythmic gait.  Finally, Marcus blurted out, "Oh Paul, I have to go back!  I can't take this anymore!  Please go back with me!  I need you!  I can't make it back there without you!"

Paul felt the same!  The swaying of his hips, caused his programmed mind to revert back to his month of training!  "Oh, I feel it too my love!  I give up!  It is our destinies!  I'll return as your Paulina, and you as my sweet Marquesa!"

"But we'd better return quickly before anybody we once knew before sees us!  They would surely be after our tushies as we are now!"

Transforming Candies

The three men snuck back into Evan's house, thinking they could sneak a peak at his sister's slumber party.  Finding  a box of candies labeled "Evan, Keep Out!". 

"Oh these are my sister's!  She must be saving them for her party!  Won't she be surprised to find them gone?"  And with a wicked look, Evan dove in, soon followed by his two friends.  The myriad of flavors were so addicting, it was too late when they noticed changes coming over them!  Evan's sister had left the trap, and now her and her friends had new playmates for their party.  And she knew just what to do with them!

"John, look at you!  You are looking so hot!  Wh-wh-what's happening?  And you Tony, you-oh my god!  I feel sooo horney!  I need more of these!"

The three were unable to resist, devouring one after another!  Their bodies changing, while their libido's went onto overload!  The three of them began to tear at each other's clothes, groveling each other hungrily until.......

"Aha!  I caught you little horny bitches!  Eating my candies are you?" 

The three turned to Evan's sister, "ummm, sis, umm, what are these?  They are so good, we can't stop eating them!"

"Well my horney little brother, or should I say 'slut-slave', I think you are going to pay for what you've done!  Just look at you, you little slut!  On your knees, we've got a little surprise for you three!"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Candy, Candy, Can you have me?

Feeling so sexy today.  I awoke and decided today I would stay indoors.  I didn't say I would stay indoors all alone!  A gurl has got to have a playmate on days like today.  It's so cold outside, I need someone to come and keep me warm.  And maybe I can get him all hot!  :giggles:

I just love shaking my tushy about, and watching a guy's eyes gawking at me while I taunt and tease him.  Watching intently as his body becomes embroiled in a lather of lust, and shimmy up and down, giving him enough to see, but not ready for him to quite touch.

Oh, he has to shift back and forth, adjusting himself.  That's when I know I have him!  "Do you need little Mischel to help you with that?  I can tell you are ready to explode sweety!"  :giggles:

But I keep dancing, and teasing my captive man.  I know what he wants, and it's just what I want, but I want it all!  And Mischel is going to get it all, everything he has, until the poor guy collapses, and then Mischel can nurse him back to life, then get it all over again!  :giggles:  I know, but you know that's what he dreams for.  And if he's a good boy, he'll get all he wants and more!


Oh!  There's the doorbell!  I'd better put everything back on and welcome my guest in!  I wouldn't want him to catch a cold out there waiting for me!  Mmmm, so yummy!  I can't wait to feel his arms around me, desperately wanting to take me.  I feel like a piece of Candy, ready to melt in his mouth ..... but maybe a little bit in his hands!   Oh, so delicious my naughty thoughts!  :giggles:

Well, ciao ciao for now!

Steven to Stephanie, his (her) wife, and Lord Mirko

It had been months since Steven had seen the light of day.  In and out of coherence, he had been fed a diet of salads, soy protein, and some creamy substance that left a sticky feeling in his mouth...a salty flavor.  All the while, blindfolded, and forced to listen to sounds of sultry voices fed into his mind via the earphones that were fastened.  His mind on overload, he now obeys and answers to Stephanie.  His wife's soothing voice calms his worries, caressing his now soft body, rubbing him down with lotion.  He feels himself melt.  He'd do anything she asked, if she would just tell him.
"Hello lover!  It's time to face the world again!  And aren't you a sexy little tart now?"  As she unblindfolds Stephanie, and leads her upstairs, the place she had remembered as their home looked so different!  Every room was adorned in elegant tapestries.  Pink, lavenders, and delicate silks everywhere.  A feminine aroma permeated through the air.  Stephanie felt so warm, as if everything around her felt so wonderful.  Then there, in the middle of the room was a man, staring at her.  He had a look in his eyes as if luring Stephanie to him.  "Stephanie my dear, this is Mirko, our new house guest, or in your case 'Lord of the House'!  He will be teaching you the proper etiquette of being a servant, slave, and basic feminized slut.  Why don't you go show him your appreciation?"
As if on cue, Stephanie crawled on all fours, approached him.  He instructed her to lay on her back.  Then he pulled out his huge cock, opened up Stephanie's mouth, and layed his cock across it.  "There you little slut!  I want you to feel this for a while.  The rules are simple:  no teeth!  Only lips, and tongue, and you will learn to do so with passion, vigor, and unbridled lust for nothing else.  This is the object of your desire, but only when allowed to, or instructed to by myself.  Is that understood?"  Stephanie, still scared, but obediently nods her head.  The scent of his musk filling her nostrils.  She feels so submissive, yet so secure under his control.  How did this all happen?  How did I become what I've become?  I don't remember anything anymore!  But this all feels so right!

OK, get onto your knees, we'll begin your first lesson!  Stephanie immediately jumped to the ground.  His cock stuck into her face, and she obediently began sucking his tool as if she'd been doing it her whole life.

Looks like our slut has been paying attention to the tapes!  Very good! As Stephanie throws herself into her 'labor of lust', her wife jumps in, urging her on and giving her pointers.  As if a trigger went off in her brain, Stephanie's lips inhaled the long member.  Wanting more!  Needing more!  Mirko could see her passion, and felt his own pressure build.

He exploded deep into her mouth.  She smiled, loving it and wanting more.  That's enough for now my little slut.  That's a good job!  Stephanie's life had forever changed!  Now her goal is to satisfy her 'Lord Mirko', and hopefully receive the 'special reward' she longs for.

Shoes: OK, not so sexy for some, but these are too yummy!

I know, I know!  These aren't so sexy for some.  But when I went shopping, I couldn't pass a few of these up.  I  put them on, llok at myself in just cuban-seemed stockings, twirl about, and suddenly am getting so aroused!  I bite my lip, and begin to imagine how sexy they make my legs in a tight skirt!

Aren't they adorable?  Oh, I can imagine wearing something silky with these!  Maybe even sort of a belly-dancer theme to them.  Mmmmm!

Now these get me feeling all naughty.  Wouldn't it be so fun to wear these with tight leather?  Oh, I'd bet we'd get some real looks with these as I saunter through the mall!

Of course strappy, with high heels are always a gurl's best friend.  Oh, I think a nice golden shimmering dress, or red with gold sparkles would attract so much attention, don't you?

Of course a gurl can't sway her tushy quite like when wearing her stilettos!  I just love these red rhinestones!  

Well anyway, you can tell what I did at the mall today!  I couldn't help but wear each of them for a while, trying on new outfits.  I guess I'm having trouble just getting out of my room, or leaving the closet?  :giggles:

Now look what all this did, made me all horny!  Now I need to go dress up and find me a man to take out all my frustrations!  Poor thing, he is going to be all worn out when I get through with him!  :giggles:  I'll just have to keep him for a bit, and nurse him back to strength?  

Ciao, ciao!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Presented to their New Owners

Presented to their new Masters, Jocelyn and Giselle were overjoyed.  This was the moment they had been prepared for the past 6 months.  Although they remember nothing prior to that day, they only new their lives had been joined each day.  A regimen of sex and training had filled their schedules. Wake up promptly at 7am, (although they found it more agreeable to wake up earlier, in each other's arms and explore the wonders of each other's bodies and the rapture of a morning orgasm.)  Immediately afterwards, they would take turns suckling their Trainers' cocks, each having their own distinctive taste.  Their protein for the morning consumed, they moved to vegetables, and a morning workout, then prancing the estate picking flowers and enjoying the summer air.  Then back to their quarters for their next 'protein fix'.

"Dance for me girls!  I want to see you dance!  I have a feeling your curves will be more than just amusement to myself and esteemed guests!" The two were besides themselves, and giggled as they swayed their hips, adorned in only the silk bows they had worn to their unveiling.
It had been only six months since they had stumbled upon the estate, having followed the trail of their buddies.  But now Joe and Jimmy had been caught, changed, and sold to Arab sultanates, just as their friends had been.  Making their Masters/Trainers a pretty penny.  Their lives as harem girls far from their home was new and exciting.  And yes, they would learn to love every moment of their new lives!

Fraternity Bros. Awaken in a Fog, Changed

And how are my little darlings feeling this morning?  Alive and ready for their new life?  The four pear at the figure in the doorway, not remembering anything from the past 5 months, or even the prior day.  The each awoke that morning as if 'born again' into a new world, which in all truth they were.  Former fraternity brothers had gone out drinking, met up with a group of older 'hot chicks'.  And now they are here, in bed together, but not remembering they were once guys.  But now, their lives will enjoy new emotions, feelings, and excitements.

Why don't the four of you get to know each other a bit more.  'Feel each other out!'  I'll be back dearies.  Mmmm, you all look so yummy!  I can't wait to see you perform!  The leather-clad lady bites her lip with a smirk, closing the door behind her as she leaves.  Unbeknownst to the four 'victims', she rejoins her friends in the 'viewing room', where her friends in crime, with whom she had lured the 4 boys, were waiting with libations.  All of them watched the action with giggles and laughter behind the room mirror, and the camera planted behind it. It doesn't take long for the 'new girls' to give the viewing audience what they wanted.  Without a word, the four airheads begin to look at each other and coo, feeling their own stocking-clad bodies at first, then brushing up against their friend.  The feel of denuded skin running along each other sends sensations of arousal up their bodies.  Soon, they are caressing each other, and giving in to the programmed emotions they feel.  Soon, an orgy begins, and the mindless nymphettes seal their fate. They become the girls their captors created, and their own minds now whole-heartedly desired. Two-by-two they paired up, then switched amongst each other, enjoying the fruits of their nubile bodies, exploring the sensations, and becoming addicted to each emotion they experienced.

Succumbing to these new carnal emotions.  Their bodies feel alive.  Unable to withstand this lust, the room is abound with moans and screeches of pleasure, just as the chorus of laughter erupts in the sound-proof room next door.  "Oh this is going to be so much fun!  I can see our experiment is going to provide us just what we all want, the slave/lovers/servants we have all dreamed of having, and perhaps even make us all quite wealthy!"

Meanwhile, the orgy continues next door. The former 'fraternity brothers are engulfed in an unbridled lust, unable to stop, but not wanting to either, not realizing they would have once been disgusted by the feelings they now feel.