Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Presented to their New Owners

Presented to their new Masters, Jocelyn and Giselle were overjoyed.  This was the moment they had been prepared for the past 6 months.  Although they remember nothing prior to that day, they only new their lives had been joined each day.  A regimen of sex and training had filled their schedules. Wake up promptly at 7am, (although they found it more agreeable to wake up earlier, in each other's arms and explore the wonders of each other's bodies and the rapture of a morning orgasm.)  Immediately afterwards, they would take turns suckling their Trainers' cocks, each having their own distinctive taste.  Their protein for the morning consumed, they moved to vegetables, and a morning workout, then prancing the estate picking flowers and enjoying the summer air.  Then back to their quarters for their next 'protein fix'.

"Dance for me girls!  I want to see you dance!  I have a feeling your curves will be more than just amusement to myself and esteemed guests!" The two were besides themselves, and giggled as they swayed their hips, adorned in only the silk bows they had worn to their unveiling.
It had been only six months since they had stumbled upon the estate, having followed the trail of their buddies.  But now Joe and Jimmy had been caught, changed, and sold to Arab sultanates, just as their friends had been.  Making their Masters/Trainers a pretty penny.  Their lives as harem girls far from their home was new and exciting.  And yes, they would learn to love every moment of their new lives!

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