Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shoes: OK, not so sexy for some, but these are too yummy!

I know, I know!  These aren't so sexy for some.  But when I went shopping, I couldn't pass a few of these up.  I  put them on, llok at myself in just cuban-seemed stockings, twirl about, and suddenly am getting so aroused!  I bite my lip, and begin to imagine how sexy they make my legs in a tight skirt!

Aren't they adorable?  Oh, I can imagine wearing something silky with these!  Maybe even sort of a belly-dancer theme to them.  Mmmmm!

Now these get me feeling all naughty.  Wouldn't it be so fun to wear these with tight leather?  Oh, I'd bet we'd get some real looks with these as I saunter through the mall!

Of course strappy, with high heels are always a gurl's best friend.  Oh, I think a nice golden shimmering dress, or red with gold sparkles would attract so much attention, don't you?

Of course a gurl can't sway her tushy quite like when wearing her stilettos!  I just love these red rhinestones!  

Well anyway, you can tell what I did at the mall today!  I couldn't help but wear each of them for a while, trying on new outfits.  I guess I'm having trouble just getting out of my room, or leaving the closet?  :giggles:

Now look what all this did, made me all horny!  Now I need to go dress up and find me a man to take out all my frustrations!  Poor thing, he is going to be all worn out when I get through with him!  :giggles:  I'll just have to keep him for a bit, and nurse him back to strength?  

Ciao, ciao!

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