Sunday, January 2, 2011

Erotic Allure of Pearls

Pearls do seem to evoke some of the most arousing images.  Their simplicity yet perfect form mesh so nicely with the glowing curves of the female body.  Round, shimmering, yet so pristine in their natural state.  They're 'Perfection in purity'.  
The luster of a pearl parallels the basic beauty of a female I long for.  No makeup, clothes, or false pretense, all I worship as the natural power of the 'femme fatale'.     Oh so yummy! A simple strand of pearls draping the flowing curves of the female form  creates such erotic imagery I find it difficult to keep myself still.

Since she introduced the idea, I have become  entranced by the idea.  Two lovers, adorned in pearls engulfed in the unbridled rapture of lust.  As their heated bodies are entwined, unable to withstand the  pressure any longer.  Pearls strewn upon the floor as the necklaces break.  Remnants used by one to tie the other down and become taunted by the decadent designs of the other lover.  Only to have that necklace broken,.  Legs wrapped around each other, lips pressed together.  The ensuing heat unrivaled.  
The imagery  is powerful, yet so pure and basic.  It is the pristine carnal state I find so intoxicating!  
So Kimberly, if you are watching love, this post is for you, and the wondrous luster your sensuality evokes within my soul.  My kindred spirit!   


  1. I Love seeing you in Pearls! Nothing but Pearls & a Pair of Pumps! The look of satisfaction on your face is so delicious!