Sunday, January 30, 2011

Candy, Candy, Can you have me?

Feeling so sexy today.  I awoke and decided today I would stay indoors.  I didn't say I would stay indoors all alone!  A gurl has got to have a playmate on days like today.  It's so cold outside, I need someone to come and keep me warm.  And maybe I can get him all hot!  :giggles:

I just love shaking my tushy about, and watching a guy's eyes gawking at me while I taunt and tease him.  Watching intently as his body becomes embroiled in a lather of lust, and shimmy up and down, giving him enough to see, but not ready for him to quite touch.

Oh, he has to shift back and forth, adjusting himself.  That's when I know I have him!  "Do you need little Mischel to help you with that?  I can tell you are ready to explode sweety!"  :giggles:

But I keep dancing, and teasing my captive man.  I know what he wants, and it's just what I want, but I want it all!  And Mischel is going to get it all, everything he has, until the poor guy collapses, and then Mischel can nurse him back to life, then get it all over again!  :giggles:  I know, but you know that's what he dreams for.  And if he's a good boy, he'll get all he wants and more!


Oh!  There's the doorbell!  I'd better put everything back on and welcome my guest in!  I wouldn't want him to catch a cold out there waiting for me!  Mmmm, so yummy!  I can't wait to feel his arms around me, desperately wanting to take me.  I feel like a piece of Candy, ready to melt in his mouth ..... but maybe a little bit in his hands!   Oh, so delicious my naughty thoughts!  :giggles:

Well, ciao ciao for now!