Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, a new beginning!

I just love the New Year!  It's a time for a new beginning, to shower away all the negativeness that sometimes develops, and start anew.  And nobody loves the feeling of feeling fresh and new more than this little harlot!  :giggles:  
To celebrate, I went out and bought myself more stockings and heels!  I feel so alive (& new) when I can sashay about the house naked, and just feeling the sleekness of nylons on my gams, while my tushy sways au natural! It's all so much fun!  Although, it does start to make me horny, so I'll need to get dressed soon and saunter about town. You know, to seek out new meat for my salacious appetite, (:impish giggle:.)  What?  A gurl does have 'her needs'! I just need to figure out 'what to wear', and 'where to go to seek out 'my score'!  :giggles: Any suggestions?
A girl can get into trouble if she spends too much time looking around!  And it has been so cold outside, maybe I can hire a taxi to take me around!  Oh what an idea!  Maybe even find a man and invite him in for a 'ride around town'!  Mmmm, maybe I can get 'a ride' while we tour the town!  :giggles:  OK, I am being naughty now, I know!
Well, I do need to get dressed, or this gurl will boil over in her lustful fantasies!  And you know how much trouble that can cause?  :giggles:  But it is so much fun! 
 Well Ciao-ciao for now!