Sunday, January 30, 2011

Steven to Stephanie, his (her) wife, and Lord Mirko

It had been months since Steven had seen the light of day.  In and out of coherence, he had been fed a diet of salads, soy protein, and some creamy substance that left a sticky feeling in his mouth...a salty flavor.  All the while, blindfolded, and forced to listen to sounds of sultry voices fed into his mind via the earphones that were fastened.  His mind on overload, he now obeys and answers to Stephanie.  His wife's soothing voice calms his worries, caressing his now soft body, rubbing him down with lotion.  He feels himself melt.  He'd do anything she asked, if she would just tell him.
"Hello lover!  It's time to face the world again!  And aren't you a sexy little tart now?"  As she unblindfolds Stephanie, and leads her upstairs, the place she had remembered as their home looked so different!  Every room was adorned in elegant tapestries.  Pink, lavenders, and delicate silks everywhere.  A feminine aroma permeated through the air.  Stephanie felt so warm, as if everything around her felt so wonderful.  Then there, in the middle of the room was a man, staring at her.  He had a look in his eyes as if luring Stephanie to him.  "Stephanie my dear, this is Mirko, our new house guest, or in your case 'Lord of the House'!  He will be teaching you the proper etiquette of being a servant, slave, and basic feminized slut.  Why don't you go show him your appreciation?"
As if on cue, Stephanie crawled on all fours, approached him.  He instructed her to lay on her back.  Then he pulled out his huge cock, opened up Stephanie's mouth, and layed his cock across it.  "There you little slut!  I want you to feel this for a while.  The rules are simple:  no teeth!  Only lips, and tongue, and you will learn to do so with passion, vigor, and unbridled lust for nothing else.  This is the object of your desire, but only when allowed to, or instructed to by myself.  Is that understood?"  Stephanie, still scared, but obediently nods her head.  The scent of his musk filling her nostrils.  She feels so submissive, yet so secure under his control.  How did this all happen?  How did I become what I've become?  I don't remember anything anymore!  But this all feels so right!

OK, get onto your knees, we'll begin your first lesson!  Stephanie immediately jumped to the ground.  His cock stuck into her face, and she obediently began sucking his tool as if she'd been doing it her whole life.

Looks like our slut has been paying attention to the tapes!  Very good! As Stephanie throws herself into her 'labor of lust', her wife jumps in, urging her on and giving her pointers.  As if a trigger went off in her brain, Stephanie's lips inhaled the long member.  Wanting more!  Needing more!  Mirko could see her passion, and felt his own pressure build.

He exploded deep into her mouth.  She smiled, loving it and wanting more.  That's enough for now my little slut.  That's a good job!  Stephanie's life had forever changed!  Now her goal is to satisfy her 'Lord Mirko', and hopefully receive the 'special reward' she longs for.

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  1. Wonderful description of how i want to be treated