Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fraternity Bros. Awaken in a Fog, Changed

And how are my little darlings feeling this morning?  Alive and ready for their new life?  The four pear at the figure in the doorway, not remembering anything from the past 5 months, or even the prior day.  The each awoke that morning as if 'born again' into a new world, which in all truth they were.  Former fraternity brothers had gone out drinking, met up with a group of older 'hot chicks'.  And now they are here, in bed together, but not remembering they were once guys.  But now, their lives will enjoy new emotions, feelings, and excitements.

Why don't the four of you get to know each other a bit more.  'Feel each other out!'  I'll be back dearies.  Mmmm, you all look so yummy!  I can't wait to see you perform!  The leather-clad lady bites her lip with a smirk, closing the door behind her as she leaves.  Unbeknownst to the four 'victims', she rejoins her friends in the 'viewing room', where her friends in crime, with whom she had lured the 4 boys, were waiting with libations.  All of them watched the action with giggles and laughter behind the room mirror, and the camera planted behind it. It doesn't take long for the 'new girls' to give the viewing audience what they wanted.  Without a word, the four airheads begin to look at each other and coo, feeling their own stocking-clad bodies at first, then brushing up against their friend.  The feel of denuded skin running along each other sends sensations of arousal up their bodies.  Soon, they are caressing each other, and giving in to the programmed emotions they feel.  Soon, an orgy begins, and the mindless nymphettes seal their fate. They become the girls their captors created, and their own minds now whole-heartedly desired. Two-by-two they paired up, then switched amongst each other, enjoying the fruits of their nubile bodies, exploring the sensations, and becoming addicted to each emotion they experienced.

Succumbing to these new carnal emotions.  Their bodies feel alive.  Unable to withstand this lust, the room is abound with moans and screeches of pleasure, just as the chorus of laughter erupts in the sound-proof room next door.  "Oh this is going to be so much fun!  I can see our experiment is going to provide us just what we all want, the slave/lovers/servants we have all dreamed of having, and perhaps even make us all quite wealthy!"

Meanwhile, the orgy continues next door. The former 'fraternity brothers are engulfed in an unbridled lust, unable to stop, but not wanting to either, not realizing they would have once been disgusted by the feelings they now feel.

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