Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finally! The end of the day!

Jumping into my car, I pull out into traffic returning home after a days work.  The traffic seemed to be inordinately bad as my anticipation for freedom was beyond control.  I had spent the entire day feeling my stockings, garter and thong under my suit.  Having found myself running my hands along my trousers under my desk anytime I felt nobody was watching.  The feel was incredible!  The anguish driving me wild!  I thought I was losing my mind as the seconds ticked away like molasses dripping.  My tongue dragging along my lips as my secret had me so aroused!  It was inescapable as my hand kept running down between my thighs, feeling the excitement I could not contain.

But now I was on my way.  The traffic now the anguish to my mind.  One hand on the wheel, the other running along my leg as my trousers are now open.

Pulling into the garage, closing it.  I am out of my car, half undressed before I dash inside.  Finally!  A sigh of relief as my hands now run along my body, covered only in the lingerie I had dressed in this morning before work.  Feeling like the ropes tieing me down had been released.  I am free!
 My hands unable to control themselves, after having to withstand the temptation all day.  One now reaching between my legs.  OH my body feels so incredible!  

A flash runs through my mind, followed by a coquettish giggle.  I scamper into my bedroom, and begin taking everything off.  Time to play dress-up!  
As the smile overtakes my face, I begin singing to myself.  An adorable pink ensemble looks perfect for my mood!  I bite my lip as I slowly slip the stockings up my long smooth legs.  My thumb slides under the bow at the top, as my body feels so alive and girly.  I can't hold back the giggles as I then close my eyes, fall back upon the bed, and savor the feeling.

Oh this is glorious, this feeling of euphoria sweeping through me!  My hands running over the material!  My emotions welling up within me!  My heart feels like its going to burst!

Grabbing my tushy, and running my hands slowly over it, I begin to think of the fun I can have tonight, alone and my toys.  Imagining who could show up unannounced, and explore our secret desires together!  Oh, it is so delicious!

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