Monday, November 22, 2010

Dominance & Submission

Ultimately an examination of the extreme motions pent up inside.  For some of us, they begin while young, while for others these desires evolve over time.  Either way, they often become the best way to find ourselves, and discover whom we really are.
Oh Bad Girl!  And which side of this do you wish to be on?  Perhaps a try at both?  Either can be so delicious, but for the experience to be enjoyed, 'trust' is paramount, or boundaries shall never truly be crossed, and the experience can never really become fulfilling.
There is that desire to give up control, at least to some degree in all of us.  But how much, and to whom do we desire to submit?  Mmm, that search can be so delicious, yet so frightening.  A trip through our minds can be quite a challenge.
Yet, once we do give up control, the path initially is slow, subtle.  At first, we don't even know we are being led.  We believe we are in a 'normal' relationship.  But slowly, deftly she weaves her web of seduction, like a black widow luring her mate to eventually, willingly giving up his life. We are wrapped in her web, her superior talents overcome our soul. We fall, not realizing already, our path is set, destiny before us, and a separate path is now the one we walk along.

Mmmm, of course some dreams can be so delicious, courting the pain we desire, and the pleasure we aren't quite sure is there.  But we want it still, so badly we can taste it!

And how far shall our submission take us?  Perhaps that is contingent upon how well the Domme is able to lure our trust, draw out our submission, and intoxicate our soul until we are unable to close the doors to the boundaries we allowed her to bust open.  Like a barn door all our hidden dreams, nightmares fly out into the night, to be used, manipulated, then twined about us until we are unable to distinguish our dreams, nightmares, or fantasies from our own reality.  How enticing can that be?  Hhhmmm, perhaps quite yummy! Yet maybe, this is the very fear keeping us from allowing ourselves to tread that path we so long to tempt!

The more traditional dichotomy, at least to the outside.  But really, it creates an image to the outsider really misunderstood.  Yet to some, can become such an allure, perhaps candy to venture more, until they are the moth caught in the flame.  Or perhaps, Icarus flying too close to the sun, only to melt his wings and fall to earth!  But oh, how high we can fly when the bridles of society are released, and our true selves can become unleashed!
To anyone who has looked at my blog over the past few days, they will notice I keep adding to this post, which shows just how it haunts me, and how preoccupied my many dreams seem to be with it. And yet, this tells me I must soon acquiesce and give into my submission, or allow its draw to build continually, haunting me until I ultimately collapse and become a slave to it.  Perhaps it is my destiny, or merely a folly to which I am undeniably addicted.  Either way, I fear the longer I avoid jumping head-on into it (instead of the occasional foray into it here & there,) the stronger its hold on me shall become.