Friday, November 5, 2010

Mmmm, wearing nylons!

Something about stockings, just make me so horny when I have them on.  Encased in nylon, then 'gartered in', I love the feel against my bare legs, so long and soft.  But then, shaking my bare tushy around and feeling the air against my bare skin is so intoxicating.  I can't help myself but to bend over, exposing my bare tushy, and imagining my Mistress (or a man) is about to stare at my swaying target and invade me like I so need!

So overwhelming is the urge, that each time I put them on, I feel the urge to prance outside, and to put on a show, even if it is in the confines of my fenced in backyard.  But then, imagine what the neighbors would say!  I wonder if they are talking now, gathering together with binoculars, enjoying my show as I prance about. Biting my lip, I consider this.  Oh, I don't care!  In stockings, garter and high heels is the only time I feel alive!

Who knows, maybe there is another nearby with the same desires I have, screaming to get out and find 'a girl' to befriend.  :giggles:  Hhhmmm, I wonder.... 

1 comment:

  1. Same feelings overcome me when I put on nylons!