Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recollecting the Day

As I sip on my 'totty', watching the sunset, I feel a sense of happiness.  Today was a chance to experience the soft and relaxing side of femininity.  I smile to myself, all ready for bed, and recollect the quiet time experienced today.

Well, the day wasn't completely uneventful.  I did have one visitor this morning.  And oh, didn't she give me a big surprise!  You see, I had been expecting a package from an online store of 'naughty toys'.  So when I looked through the window, and saw a sexy UPS blonde with a package to deliver,  I decided to be a little tease and answer the door as her special Christmas gift to open!

Little did I know, she'd show me more than one 'package'.  I just had to relieve her of that pressure that was building.  :giggles:

What? I couldn't be disrespectful!  Yes, they are in a hurry and all, but I just had to show my appreciation for her delivery, and give her 'one for the road'!

But, most of the day was spent prancing about, changing from one outfit to another, and enjoying the quiet day.

And yes, no matter what I end up wearing, it always ends up coming off.  I ultimately enjoy the feel of stockings and heels, and how they make my legs feel, as well as my tushy when I prance about in them.

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