Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Awakening, for a trip to town, & Shopping!

I awaken to the voice of my Mistress.  "Wake up sleepy-head. you have a big day today, and we wouldn't want the stores to be kept waiting for my new little angel.  I've made a number of appointments for you, we've got a tight schedule."  

Lounging and feeling so nice.  The velvet and satin comforter gives my soft skin such a serene feeling.
I don't want to get out of bed, finding myself rolling over and over in my new body.

Feeling so sexy, my heart just wants to lay in bed all day.  Although, watching my Mistress float across the room with her usual elegance, my heart-strings are torn.  "Can't you come back to bed, Mistress?  Please let me show you my appreciation for everything you've done!  I promise to be your good girl!"  I plead to her, but seemingly to no avail.

I give her my best 'bedroom-eyes', pleading with her, hoping I can lure her and let my pouty lips run over her beautiful skin, bringing her passions to life, like I  long to in my dreams.

"Oh you little harlot!  You know I love seeing you this way!  You'll have plenty of time to show off those looks, and your slutty demeanor while shopping."  She has a sinister tinge to her voice, as if there is something she's withholding until the right moment.  But my mind is so lost in the feel of my soft sensual body, I don't allow my fears to come forward.

"Get up you little slut!  I want to see how you have turned out, before we cover you in leather and lace!"

I know she likes what she sees.  Perhaps I did appeal to her heart-strings just a bit.  I decide to move slowly, and sensually to try my luck a bit more.

I arise from the bed, performing a few spins, and naughty looks at both my Mistress as she glides around the room with her own preparations, and at the mirror, loving the vision of the new me smiling back at me.  My Mistress seems to be enjoying the show, smiling as she watches me out of the corner of her eye, but saying nothing.

I stare at myself one last time, lifting my long locks from my face, and giving myself a 'come and get me, if you can handle it' look.  I giggle softly, then turn and give a parting shot of my tushy.  Shaking it, I head into the shower to clean up, and prepare my primping and preparation for my 'trip to the town' with my Mistress.  Oh this is going to be so much fun!  My entire body tingles with excitement.

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