Friday, November 5, 2010

So happy in my new role

Slowly, I emerge from the shower, she approaches me, and hands me a 'gaffe'.  "Put this on, sweety!  I want you to look the part, and while you still have your 'little clitty', we don't want it getting in the way of your clothing fitting nice and tight."  She gropes my tush, and I jump.  Biting my lip, I slowly slide it up my little clitty into place between my legs.  Looking down, I see nothing that could indicate I was a man, or true to the fact, not a full female.  (Soon, oh how I hope soon enough!)

Approaching the bed, I see the clothes she had layed out for me.  My heart jumps, noticing they are my favorite color.  I look back at her, sheepishly, but still grinning.  "Go ahead dear.  Put it on.  I want to see you in it, and ensure everything fits perfectly, before you get to go out as my 'shopping partner'."  My heart sank.   Up until now, everything had been such a fun and sexy game.  And although I loved every bit of it, I hadn't ventured from our home.  Gingerly, I put on the ensemble, then standing in front of the mirror, I turned from one side to the other.  It felt so sexy. But seeing myself, I LOOKED sexy, and almost completely convinced myself I am truly a girl. I could feel my arousal trying to grow, but being sequestered, it couldn't show.  "So, do you like the new outfit I picked out for you my pet?"

"Oh yes, Mistress!  This all is so beautiful!  I am having problems containing my joy, my appreciation!  Oh thank you Mistress, thank you!  I am so indebted to you!  I can't wait to go out and be a good girl, giggling while we go shopping together!"  I fall back onto the bed, feeling so feminine.  My mind telling me I am a complete woman, even if I still have that 'little clitty' bound below.

She smiles at me.  I barely notice that cheshire-cat grin, as if there is still something she is holding back, unbeknownst to me.  "Oh you will have plenty to get excited about, my pet.  We have a full day ahead of us.  Go ahead and put on that short sexy dress, so we can begin!"

My tushy swaying happily, looking forward to the day.  Lost is my initial hesitation.  I tell myself how sexy and feminine I look and feel.  Exhilarated, I bounce through my remaining preparations.

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