Friday, November 12, 2010

Can't help myself, my libido won't let me stop!

My forays into my front yard wearing nothing but hose, heels, and a bra have brought a steady line of suitors.  I had no idea how word has traveled through the neighborhood.  But I have had no shortage of men and women coming by for 'a quickie'!

Today was going to be special, as a friend, I had met at the local gym promised to pay me a visit.  I giggled to myself, imagining his 6-pack, and my lips kissing him along his abs, down to his birthday present, he was bringing for me.  I heard the doorbell, and opened it.  Smiling I let him in, closing the door behind us.  He walked into the entry, I a few steps behind him, allowing my loose dress to fall to the floor, leaving me in only my lingerie and heels.  He turned and saw me smiling wickedly back at him.  I could see his mind racing.  Slowly, I stepped seductively towards him, a panthress preparing for the hunt.  My arms sliding over his shoulders, crossing behind his head.  I close my eyes as my body presses against his, our lips meet, and his arms wrap around me, pulling me in.  I could feel the 'present he had brought' pressing hard against me.  My right leg bent, knee pressing against the underside of his crotch, toe tilting back.  I coo and smile to myself.  "Well, hello sweety, won't you come in?"

Giggling, I lead him into the living room by the hand, allowing him to walk a step behind me, giving him a look at my hips swaying with each step.  I turn, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.  With each button, my lips softly kissing his skin where his button had once kept his shirt covering him.  My hands running back up his torso, I reach over his shoulders, my hands sliding under his shirt, off of his shoulders, falling to the floor.  I give his body a gentle push.  With the back of his legs against the base of the chair, he fell back.

I smile seductively, sitting myself across his lap. "So what's on your mind?  Here for a workout?"  I giggle, seeing his boyish grin, still unable to reply.  I can feel his 'present' pressing against my thigh. I slide gently over.

Standing above him, allowing him a full view of my body.  I lean over, unzipping his trousers, kissing a trail down his 'pathway to paradise'.  Taking his 'present'.  "You brought a present, for me??!"  Wrapping my soft fingers around the base, I kiss the tip, then begin slowly running my lips around the head.

I then withdraw, getting down on my knees, I tell him to stand, as I continue, while pulling his pants to his knees.

Pushing him back down on the seat, I mount him, and slowly rise and fall on his throbbing cock.  "Oh such a nice present you brought me, sugar!  Just what I always wanted!  How did you know?"

I turn around, remounting him, but now, his lips attacking my back with kisses, he begins to lose control!  My heart racing as I can feel he wants me as much as I have been wanting him!  My feet stroking his shaft while I nimble rise and slide up & down, feeling every vein along my love trove.

I get a wicked thought, as my stocking clad legs run over his thighs, I can tell he is about to burst, but I don't want him to yet!  I get off him, tell him to stand, and begin taunting his package with my stocking-clad feet, and loving the reaction I get from him.
Slowly I begin sliding my stocking from my right leg, and wrap it over his cock, giving him a blow job through the material, his panting becomes louder, as I can tell he is losing his mind over the mental and physical anguish I am tormenting him with.  Forgetting myself, I become obsessed with my stockings, and the reaction he is getting from them.  I tie up his cock, causing it to swell, then suck on it more, giving him a lascivious look.  I see the pleading in his eyes, as he begging for mercy.  I know he wants me, and deep down, know I will give myself to him.

Finally, I mount him, staring into his eyes as my arms wrap around his neck, and slowly at first, ride his raging cock.  Faster, and faster, as my dripping hootchie engulfs every inch of him, until both of us completely lose control!  I am boucing crazily, with his hands groping my tushy, and helping me on my ride of my stallion.  The explosion was incredible, as we collapse into each others arms, and I lay there atop him, unable to slide from my mount.

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