Monday, November 22, 2010

Mark & Ron, Kidnapped & Changed

Mark awoke from his slumber, still groggy but somehow feeling aroused.  Hands tied firmly behind his back.  He couldn't understand why his legs were clad in black stockings, and sexy pink heels on his feet.  An erotic feel flowed over his denuded skin, as the air tingled.  "Oh, this feels!  Where am I?"

A commanding, yet sexy female voice behind him tells him to keep quiet, and speak only when spoken to.  "For the time being, just focus on your body.  Doesn't it feel nice?  You will grow to love your new life as a woman.  It will all become quite clear my pet! For now, Marcia you will remain my little slut, as I teach you to be a good little whore!"

Still groggy, Mark didn't understand, but in time, he would grow into his (her) new body, and even answer without reservation to her new name.  Reverberating in his mind like a mindless echo...Marcia...Marcia...Marcia!

Meanwhile, Mark's partner, and fellow agent Ron was awakening from one dream into another one he is unable to fathom.  "What have you done to me?  Why am I here?  Where are my clothes?"  

"Silence you insolent girl! You will keep quiet like a good little slut until you're ready for the next step in your new life as a paid whore!"

"What?  A whore!  You are crazy!  I am not a girl!  What have you done to me?  Get me out of here!  My partner will come get me, and then the two of us will put you & all your people away for good!"

The feminine voice laughed.  "Oh your partner Mark, or should I say now Marcia?  She won't be coming to your aid anytime soon.  In fact the two of you will be the trophy whores at our next auction.  We look forward to the two of you fetching us a pretty penny.  Too bad most of our customers are wealthy sheiks in the Mid-East.  You are likely never to be seen here again anyway.  Although, you seem to have more of a mouth on you.  I think I like you better as a blonde...a Blonde Bombshell.  Yes, that's what you will be:  Roxanne, the cock hungry,  dumb blonde!  I'll have my people affect your programming immediately!"  The Institute Mistress laughed as she walked away.  Her stilettos clicking in time with each sway of her leather-clad hips.  Ron fought mightily to get away, but to no avail.  Suddenly, from behind he felt the sharp pain from a needle, and all went black.

After months of conditioning, Roxanne was taken from her room.  It had been long since that day she had awoken taped to the chair.  Her programming had been true.  The name 'Ron' meant nothing to her now.  She stood for inspection, not knowing or caring about anything but serving her Mistress, in any way instructed.  Roxanne now was mindless, able to think of nothing for herself, but there was one need she had.  One that would become the driving force in every thought preoccupying her every deed.  She needed sex!  And whatever she could do to get it, she was unable to deny this base desire.

The day had arrived.  Roxanne and Marcia had spent months through surgeries, mental transformations, and now they were on display!  Their bodies visions of perfection.  Their minds longing for the chance to serve, and show their servitude.  Any thoughts of their previous lives long gone, and never to return.

Purchased as a pair, Marcia and Roxanne felt a mutual attraction.  Somehow, they knew they belonged together.  Any chance possible, when alone the two would explore their sexualities, developing a strong taste for each other, and the softness they each had.  Together they'd sleep, touch, kiss, and caress.  They'd even dream of each other, thus developing such an intense lust, the two former partners, now lovers became inseparable.

And as they became just a pair of a private harem, far from the once familiar streets of New York, they still found ways to do things together, and to feel the mutual admirations and desires they harbored.

"Mmmmpf!"  The two passionately kissed and caressed the yummy cock!  There is no better breakfast, than to wake up each morning to the taste of sweet ambrosia.  Life is so sublime as mindless harem girls!

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