Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seduced by a Confident Woman

She dresses as if every moment were a planned event. Yet does so with such grace, the details are lost in the beauty of her motions, the subtleties of each movement.  So captivating, it's easy to slide into a false sense of security, allowing yourself to become bewitched by her softness, and her slow sensual style.

But behind that feminine gaze is a pantheress, awaiting her chance to lure you in.  

It's senseless to fight! By the time you realize the trap, you are happily beguiled, and fall willingly.  In fact, in the final approach, you see the danger ahead, but accept it willingly.  She has you, your heart & soul wrapped nicely in a bow! You are hers to unwrap slowly, so every second she spends doing so, brings sweat to your brow, and further submission, as your will becomes hers, and you, her slave! 

Take my soul please!  I am your willing supplicant! Please, just allow me the chance to see your smile, and for you to tell me you're happy with whatever I can offer you!

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