Monday, December 13, 2010

Kevin & Mike, Found! Turned into Kimberly & Mischel

It had been months since Kevin had been caught by his wife fooling around.  At the time his best friend Mike was the 'watch'.  But when unknown to Kevin, Mike was found out and taken away.   Kevin's rouse now discovered, he soon found a whole new meaning to being laid bare.Nowadays Kevin (now Kimberly) is chef her his wife's estate.  After sending her husband away for 9 months of 'alterations', she remarried to a millionaire.  Mike (now Mischel) is the 'serving girl'.  

After each dinner, they tend to the needs of their Master and Mistress.
And when they aren't, they are bound to each other, unable to withstand the desire for unbridled carnal rapture, that had been programmed into each. 

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