Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feeling Holiday Spirit, Kisses to you!

With December here, I am feeling all cozy and lovey today!  So I thought it's time to step away from shopping, the spiced egg nog, and thinking of cuddly clothes, and toys and send my wishes to everyone online.  Well, maybe not step too far away from those toys.  I mean, a girl's got to keep warm and hot, and sometimes 'her toys' are just what keep her so warm on this holiday!  :giggles:

This year I'm keeping my heart open for anyone who may need a hug, and some warm loving.  You know, it can be lonely without someone to keep you warm at night with everyone else out celebrating!

Well, I do plan on keeping warm this year!  And when Santa arrives, I want to be ready.  That big boy is going to see just how good I've been this year.  Some of the girls and I have plans to keep that busy man cheery!  He has such a big job, and so much stress!  A girl's got to be giving, and sacrifice herself for the common good, right?  Isn't that what the holiday spirit is about?  

I wouldn't want 'the big guy' to go home empty-handed, or without cheer of his own, to inspire all those wonderful toys he brings (giggles, oh the toys I put on my list this year, might just put me on his "Naughty Girl" list.)

Just think, he's up there all alone with a bunch of little men, and some pooping reindeer.  I really don't know if his wife can handle a man of his needs.  Some of us girls will need to help out!  Well I for one, look forward to the challenge.  I mean, this time of year has me feeling all warm!  

Just last night, I was out with some girlfriends.  We all had a few yummy egg nogs. And when I awoke, lo-and-behold my head was laying on the chest of a big sexy man dressed in red, like he was Santa himself!  What a dress rehearsal! He sure looked happy when I leaned over and kissed that big grin on his lips.  But he wasn't 'the real Santa', just one big hunk appreciating all I had to offer him!  Hmm, cum to think of it, he was really yummy!  Hope he liked the gift I gave him!

The holidays are a time to give love to all, smile, listen to nice songs, and allow your heart to brim over with happiness.  I just can't help it!  My tushy has that special swing with every step as I click along in my holiday heels.  

So let's all break out the holiday candy, enjoy the taste of the sweetness we get this time each year, and spread ourselves and our cheer around to all!  

Of course, we need to make sure we are good!  I know it is sometimes difficult for some of us!  But maybe it's easier if we sit down and think about it for awhile.  I mean what is good?  Shouldn't we be there for others, and help them to feel better, and help everyone make every day just a little bit special?  We don't ever want to be on Santa Baby's naughty list!  Although, we could have fun trying, right? :giggles:


 Well, that's just food for thought!  I'm thinking I'd better get back to shopping, or there won't be anymore sexy shoes or lingerie for me at the mall.  I mean, a girl has to get the important things taken care of before she kicks back and enjoys all those fun toys!

And another thing, clothes are important!  I mean, some people do go a little bit further than I in employing the Holiday spirit, but hay, everyone enjoys the holidays in their own way!  And anyway you want to dress for the holidays, and it warms your heart doing so, I'm all for it!  Sorry, I admit it, I did already 'decorate my tree' this year.  But hay, some people are never going to 'see my tree', so I have to be prepared for any opportunity I have to show it off, right? :giggles:

Well I guess it's time to get my final stop at Vickie's Secrets.  :pfft: Like I have any secrets left, but a girl does have to get the important things down that make her feel feminine and sexy, even during the holidays!  

So I think I'll just sign off now, and check into my favorite shop here at the mall.  I may just spend the rest of the afternoon here with the girls!  Isn't this place so much fun?  Oh look, they are giving out holiday candy!  Yummy!  I want one!  

Well, 'Bye' for now!  All the girls here at Vickie's, and all my girlfriends around want to wish you a special Holiday cheer.  And if you are ever feeling down and lonely, just call on me, and I'll come by and give you a very special gift to put a smile on those cute lips of yours!  :MUAW:  Happy Holidays, girls!  This girl's tushy can't wait any longer to try on some of these holiday clothes!

Ciao, ciao!